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bmw m3 2020

After six years in production, the F80 BMW M3 and F82 M4 have been replaced by … The xDrive version was available only in conjunction with the 8-speed automatic. In a few months, there will be an optional four-wheel-drive system. 2020 BMW M3 Release date. The rest of the cabin is as you’d expect. Set to arrive in SA in 2021, the new M3 looks likely to be a firm challenger for best-in-class. Job done, we’d say. If the car was fitted with the automatic gearbox, it was fitted with a pair of paddle-shifters as well. But not this time. In the back, the car was fitted with four exhausts. 3.0L 6MT (480 HP) Competition 3.0L 8AT (510 HP) BMW news: 1 2021 BMW M4 Convertible … That will make the top-line versions of the BMW M3 and M4 a match for any of their direct rivals on peak power. We amble past the pit garages in 1st gear and head out on to the circuit. BMW M3 Competition G80 2020 three-quarter rear view. In a development first unveiled on the M8 and recently brought to the facelifted M5, the new M3 and M4 gain a function that gives access to the individual driving mode options for the engine, suspension, steering and brakes via the iDrive controller. BMW M3 Sedan (G80) 2020 - Present. There’s a generous amount of wheel travel given the performance car billing, but the car feels magnificently settled and well within its limits when hustled hard through the Sachsenring’s Castro Omega curve – a tricky off-camber downhill constant-radius right-hander that exits uphill into the equally challenging Sternquell curve. The specific 18” light-alloy wheels were fitted as standard. The change in character is subtle – but noticeable. The steering of our rear-driven M3 prototype is excellent – precise in action and weighted to perfection for the more demanding sections of the Sachsenring circuit. At the heart of each new model is the M division’s new S58 engine. Mahindra Launches KUV XPrez Panel Van in SA, BMW M2 CS (2020) International First Drive, BMW M3 CS (2018) International Launch Review, BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe (2020) International Launch Review, Audi RS 7 Sportback (2020) International Launch Review, BMW M8 Competition Coupe (2019) International Launch Review. Enjoy the Cars.co.za experience on your phone now! It featured connectivity via Apple CarPlay and it could support Android phones. It was the car that M-madness in the mid-'80s and it continued ever since. Some right jazzy cabin colors are available, too. The BMW M3 Sedan is a puristic sports saloon with outstanding driving characteristics. As we hit the starter button on the centre console and set the M3 prototype to ‘M1’ mode (the first of 2 preset driving modes accessed by buttons on the new multifunction steering wheel), it’s reassuring to hear that BMW M’s latest inline 6-cylinder produces a more evocative exhaust note than the engine it replaces...  It’s less raspy in character than its predecessor, with a deeper, more guttural tone. For the M cars, they both get exactly the same gaping nasal passages. BY Sergiu Tudose | Posted on September 27, 2020 September 29, 2020. Then the rear axle follows immediately. Do people really take their luxury sedans, even their 500hp luxury sedans, for a track thrashing? Each takes on its own distinctive form: the 2021-model year M3 appears significantly more upright next to its lower M4 sibling. Its arches balloon over a widened track—the M3 is a whole 75mm wider than a regular 3-Series. The M3 and the M4 just seem to exist in their own bubble: “The Touring is a nice addition.” Same with 4WD: “Knowing our customers pretty well, there are some of them in the snow belt who want all-wheel-drive.”. Plenty of choices now with RWD or AWD with manual or automatic gearboxes. 2 gasoline engines. The new 6-cylinder engine sounds deeper, more brutish. It was the first M3 in history to send its power to all four wheels. On four-wheel-drive xDrive models, it will also allow you to alter the apportioning of the drive to give you pure rear-wheel- drive qualities on a track when desired. I put it to Franke that the existence of the M2 must have allowed him to nudge the M3 and the M4 further up the tree, with a whole thump of extra power and the 4WD option taking it closer to the big-daddy M5. When the 4-Series showed its—shall we say—polarizing nasal styling, the 3-Series was spared. © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. That’s the acceleration for the rear-drive type. As before, there will be an M4 cabriolet by the middle of next year and, for the first time, a new M4 Gran Coupé introduced around the same time. There’s 503hp in the Competition versions you see here. It’s always tricky attempting to form an accurate impression of a new car from a handful of miles on a smooth-surfaced circuit. Under the hood, the M3 surprised its customers with the introduction of the all-wheel-drive system. After BMW decided to split its 3-series in two, with the 4-Series for the coupe versions and the 3-Series for the Sedan and station-wagon versions, the rumors about the retirement of an M3 version started to spread. Although we have yet to see any performance claims, you can expect a 0-100 kph time under 4 seconds and, in combination with the traditional optional M Driver’s package, a top speed approaching 280 kph for the standard rear-wheel-drive version. Ignore the heavy cladding and plastic wrap in our pictures and you’ll be able to make out certain styling elements, including the new, deep kidney grille and the widened front and rear wing panels, necessitated by the adoption of wider tracks and some rather serious-looking wheel and tyres. The diff is a controlled limited-slip job. Driving dynamics and design features of the BMW M3 Sedan. This may push the launch date of 2020 M3 a bit farther down the calendar, and it’ll arrive at 2019 as 2020 MY. A muscular stance and the flared arches ensured an important image for the sportiest 3-Series. And that’s a pity, because the rest of the driveline feels wonderfully engineered and full of focus. Research 2020 BMW M3 pricing, specs, read our expert reviews or compare it against your favourite cars. The traction system alone has 10 selectable stages. Or, at a second prod, all of it. But the M3 didn't die; it just got better. But isn’t all this track-this and track-that a bit of artifice? In the lands we call abroad, there are actually two engines available. In this case, though, we’re confident BMW M has succeeded in injecting its revered business-class performance sedan with an added dose of performance and handling prowess. BMW M3 (2020) International Prototype Drive. Three-liter turbo engine, in-line-six cylinders, with a pair of turbos, one for each three-cylinder half of the engine. The new BMW M3 and its M4 coupe sibling are just months away from production, but international correspondent Greg Kable has already been behind the wheel of a very-nearly finished[…] BMW M3 (2020) International Prototype Drive - Cars.co.za They wear 275/35 and 285/30 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres, making for more rubber on the road than any M3 or M4 has had previously. Sniff. With an estimated 0-60 mph … That’s the M Race Track Package: carbon-ceramic brakes, lighter wheels—with semi-slick tires if you must—and carbon-fiber bucket seats. BMW M3 SEDAN – PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS. But while the engine impresses, it’s the chassis that really moves the M3’s game along. The seventh generation of the BWM 3 Series was introduced in 2018, but the M3 fans had to wait for another two years to get the top-spec version. On the second- or third-hand market, our cars need to be capable. But those aren’t the options that’ll get talked about. Is that to stop people migrating to the X3M or the Macan? As with any M car, we can geek out over a whole lot of other modification. Inside, the car was fitted with sport-bucket seats as standard. Less well resolved is the manual gearshift. Unlike the standard models, though, the M3 and M4 Competition will be sold exclusively with the 8-speed auto-box and, in a big break with tradition, they will be offered with the option of BMW M’s fully variable xDrive four-wheel-drive system. Minor edits have been made. It will be the first time that either the M3 or M4 has been sold with anything but traditional rear-wheel drive. In a familiar move, BMW M has developed a new engine strut brace, which serves to stiffen the entire front end structure quite significantly, providing the basis for even more fluidity and handling poise than with standard 3 Series and prototype versions of the 4 Series we drove recently. The 2020 M3 featured a redesigned front bumper with more aggressive styling. They get up to 503hp, a drift analyzer—and of course, those snouts. It’s quite long in throw and rubbery in feel. The standard cars get 480hp and a manual gearbox. So, those get an eight-speed auto with their 510hp and 649Nm. BMW M3 render image credit: Duwyne Aspeling - Cars.co.za. Just because you could? The promised rise in performance comes after the introduction of the four-wheel-drive M340i xDrive and M440i xDrive, which plug the gap to the rest of the 3 Series and 4 Series line-up. First impressions? Except some of them want a wagon, so they’ll get that in this generation. In the new M3 Competition and M4 Competition, the output is increased by a further 22 kW to a headlining 375 kW through what BMW M describes as “some specific software changes”, although torque remains at 600 Nm. “You feel increased potential for steering and front-axle grip. Nope, Franke denies, that too. An optional M Drift Analyzer records the length, time, and angle of your latest drift and compares it to your best, via ‘a graphics-enhanced overall view’ on the iDrive screen. They’re quite a bit larger than their predecessors: the 5th-generation M3 and 1st-generation M4, too. For that, the power went exclusively to the rear wheels. A quick jolt of stats for you. Hagen Franke, who sets the cars’ spec and characteristics, says that’s what customers asked for: a greater distance in this generation between the M340i/M440i and the M3/M4. The twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre inline six-cylinder successor to the longrunning S55 unit delivers 353 kW and 600 Nm in the standard M3 and M4 – 21 kW and 50 Nm more than the outputs of the outgoing models. Overall, by the way, it’s about zero lift.

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