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Basing their assertion on pathologist-given testimony that Patricia had died about six hours after she ate lunch on May 26,[39] the prosecution claimed that Jones had died more than 24 hours before Kinne and Boldizs found her body; defense attorneys argued that death had more likely occurred six to eight hours prior. He joined the show in 1994. Wounded, Rueda fled the room, locking Kinne inside, and called the police. [76], Pugliese was held at the Palacio de Lecumberri, while Kinne was initially placed in a women's prison[77] before being transferred to Lecumberri for her trial. [9], Although charged with both murders, Kinne was tried separately for the two crimes. [77] The request was denied and both Kinne and Pugliese were tried in the summer of 1965. In the fall of 1957, she gave birth to a girl they named Danna. Boldizs, though nominally a witness for the prosecution, weakened his testimony on the stand during the trial by claiming that Kinne's offer to pay him $1,000 in return for James' murder could have been a joke, and Hill was forced to attack his own witness's credibility. [78] When she was officially notified of the sentence the next day, she asserted that she would appeal her conviction. The next week, Kinne's lawyers requested that she be released on bond, supported by a community petition signed by 132 supporters of her innocence. [2] The two began an affair shortly thereafter. [19], The body, dressed in a black sweater and yellow skirt, was soon identified as the missing Patricia Jones. The motion was denied by Judge Stubbs in April 1962, but appealed to the Missouri Supreme Court, which in March 1963 reversed the conviction[54] and ordered a new trial on the basis of her defense having been denied adequate peremptory challenges during jury selection in her trial. He has been married to Tobe Keeney since August 4, 2001. [29] The scheduled polygraphs for the two men were performed on June 1, and both men were deemed to have been truthful in their statements. Help keep Tobe Keeney profile up to date. [76] Kinne's status in the Mexican system also remains outstanding, though authorities have pointed out that at the time of her escape, jailbreak was not a crime under Mexican law; if she were re-captured there, she would have only to serve out the remainder of her outstanding sentence. Joshua Morrow daytime career began in 1994 when he was cast as Nicholas Newman on The Young and the Restless. [6] Kinne, too, was thinking about ways out of the marriage; according to Boldizs, she once offered him $1,000 to kill her husband,[12] or find someone who would,[13] although he later claimed that she may have been joking. [82], The search also encompassed country-wide transport hubs and eventually circled back to the Mexico City area. James resumed his studies at BYU, but put them on hold again at the end of the fall semester. All three were questioned on May 28. [1], Kinne was returned to the women's prison to serve her sentence. Sharon Elizabeth Kinne (born Sharon Elizabeth Hall, November 30, 1939), also known as Jeanette Pugliese and in Mexico as La Pistolera, is an American alleged multiple murderer who is the subject of the longest currently outstanding arrest warrant for murder in the … [16], Police were unable to recover any fingerprints from the well-oiled grip of the pistol,[7] and a paraffin test for gunshot residue was not performed on either Danna or Kinne. [2] The couple were arraigned on September 26[73] and held for trial. A January 1962 trial on charges of murdering her husband ended in conviction and a sentence of life imprisonment, but the verdict was overturned because of procedural irregularities. By the time the couple had a second child, Troy, Kinne was carrying on a regular extramarital affair with a friend from high school, John Boldizs. [61], A fourth trial was scheduled for October 1964; however, in September, Kinne, still free on her $25,000 bond, traveled to Mexico with an alleged lover, Francis Samuel Puglise,[note 5][65] leaving her children with James' father and traveling as Pugliese's wife under the name "Jeanette Pugliese". Although investigators went so far as to drag the bottom of nearby bodies of water, the gun that had shot Patricia—assumed to be a .22 caliber pistol—could not be found. [55] Kinne was denied an opportunity for bail in May 1963,[54] but that ruling was overturned in July and she was released on $25,000 bond, posted by her brother. The motion was denied on the basis of first-degree murder not being a bailable offense; presiding judge Tom J. Stubbs also counseled Kinne's lawyers that he felt their involvement in such a petition at a time when a motion for bond was being considered was "highly improper". [10], The pistol that killed James was taken into police custody and never returned to Kinne,[18] despite her efforts to reclaim it;[19] she later had a male friend secretly buy her a .22 caliber automatic pistol. The news of her escape was not reported to Mexico City police until 2 o'clock the following morning. Investigators found that Jones had been the wife of another of Kinne's boyfriends, and that Jones' husband had tried to break off his affair with Kinne shortly before Jones went missing. [16] Multiple people, including family and neighbors, told police that James had often allowed Danna to play with his guns,[17] and in a test by investigating officers, Danna proved able to pull the trigger on a gun matching the one that had killed her father. [78], Pugliese, cleared of the charges against him, was deported to the U.S., but Kinne was convicted on October 18[2] of the homicide of Ordoñez. [47] She began to serve her sentence in the Missouri Reformatory for Women. [5] The Mammoth Book of True Crime describes her as a relative rarity, a "pretty" criminal. Tobe Keeney is an American Relative. [59], Kinne's third trial, originally scheduled to begin early in June 1964,[59] began instead on June 29. [88] A more modern theory speculates that Ordoñez's family had helped her escape and then killed her. [30] A .22 caliber rifle slug was eventually found buried in the ground where Patricia's body had been found, providing evidence that at least some of her wounds had been sustained at the place her body was found. [96], In a segment of the Investigation Discovery series Deadly Women covering the Kinne case, author James Hays speculates that Kinne committed her first murder for monetary gain, hoping to cash in on James's life insurance policy, and that she began to derive pleasure from killing at that point. [30], Kinne was arrested at her home for the murder around 11 p.m. on May 31,[4] the same night as Patricia Jones's funeral. [60] Assistant prosecutor Donald L. Mason declared at jury selection that he intended to death-qualify the jury,[59] a process in which a prosecutor peremptorily challenges any juror who automatically opposes the death penalty, and jury selection once again took more than twelve hours in one day. [2] According to Kinne's account, she went with Ordoñez to see photographs he offered to show her,[63] but he soon began to make sexual advances toward her and she was forced to fire her gun at him in an attempt to protect herself. https://ultimatesoapfan.fandom.com/wiki/Joshua_Morrow?oldid=23607, Best Perfomance by a Young Actor - Daytime. Hays, Chapter I, pp. Investigation into the shootings showed that Ordoñez was shot with the same weapon that killed Jones. [69] Kinne, saying that she felt unsafe in the foreign country, bought a pistol—which meant that the couple now possessed multiple guns, having brought one or two with them from the U.S.[70][70], On the night of September 18, 1964, Kinne left the hotel without Pugliese, either to acquire money because the couple was running low[64] or to get medicine she required. [20] Kinne's lawyers, Alex Peebles and Martha Sperry Hickman, filed a writ of habeas corpus with the court the next morning, and a hearing that afternoon resulted in her release on $20,000 bond while she awaited a preliminary hearing originally scheduled for June 16. The supersedeas bond allowed the company to defer payment of the $25,000 bond until a ruling on the matter was handed down by the Missouri Supreme Court,[93] but when that court upheld the bond's forfeiture, the $25,000 was paid to the State of Missouri in October 1965.

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