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Find amazing local prices on used Vauxhall AMPERA cars for sale Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. Description: Used 2014 Vauxhall Ampera 1.4 Electron (64 reg) for sale - £9,990 - 61,000 miles with Leather seats, AUX/USB connectivity, Air conditioning, Cruise control, Satellite navigation, DAB radio, Alloy wheels, Bluetooth, Heated seats, Reversing camera, Climate control, Parking assist. Astra. Find vehicles near you. Euro Car Center nv (www.eurocarcenter.be). Affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to, the eBay Partner Network. 1,270 cars for sale. 207 used Opel Ampera cars for sale from Netherlands. We hope you’ll have fun using it! Looking for more second hand cars? Opel Ampera Ads from car dealers and private sellers. With the largest range of second hand Vauxhall Ampera cars across the UK, find the right car for you. Discover our new design with all the usual functions. Please enter place or ZIP code in the language of the vehicle location. € 6,940.- 285,849 km 04/2012 111 kW (151 hp) Used -/- (Previous Owners) Automatic Electric/Gasoline Approved used: No Gearbox: automatic Find Vauxhall Ampera used cars for sale on Auto Trader, today. © Copyright by AutoScout24 GmbH. fresher, more modern and easier to understand. The Vauxhall Ampera was the first plug-in hybrid passenger car to go on sale in the UK back in 2012, before a second generation was introduced in 2015. Interior quality is good, with colour-coded door cards and a multi-layered dash adding to the Ampera’s contemporary feel. Review and … When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Ex16 20 J Antera Ampera Opel Alloy Cascada Astra 5x115 Wheels Fits Bp Fits Alloy 5x115 20 Bp Astra Ex16 Opel J Cascada Wheels Antera Ampera 20 Bp Ex16, J Bp Fits Alloy 20 Astra 5x115 Wheels Antera Ex16 Ampera Vauxhall Cascada 20 J Wheels Bp Astra Alloy 5x115 Cascada Ampera Vauxhall Antera Ex16 Fits 20 Bp Ex16, Opel Cs 20 Fits Ampera Gb Cascada Alloy 5x115 Astra J Antera Wheels Lite Alloy Opel Gb Fits 5x115 Cs Antera Wheels Ampera J 20 Lite Cascada Astra 20 Gb Cs, Lite 5x115 Antera Fits Vauxhall J Alloy Cascada Astra Ampera 20 Cs Wheels Hb 5x115 J Hb Alloy Cascada Antera Vauxhall 20 Cs Wheels Astra Lite Ampera Fits 20 Hb Cs, Opel Lite 5x115 Antera Fits J Alloy Ampera Wheels Astra Cascada 20 Cs Hb 5x115 J Opel Alloy Cs Lite Antera Cascada Fits Ampera Wheels 20 Astra Hb 20 Hb Cs, Antera Cascada Ampera Wheels Vauxhall Gb Cs Alloy J 5x115 Fits Lite 20 Astra 20 Alloy Cascada Fits Vauxhall Antera Lite J Ampera Wheels Cs Astra Gb 5x115 20 Gb Cs, Warning For 1228086 Astra Ampera Tweeter Signal Sound New Horn Agila Opel 1x Opel Tweeter New For Warning Horn Ampera Signal Agila Sound 1x 1228086 Astra 1x Signal Horn, C Astra Mounting Expanding Bumper For J 10x Vauxhall Opel Zafira Clips Ampera J Zafira Bumper Vauxhall For Opel Mounting Expanding Ampera Clips C 10x Astra 10x Expanding Bumper, Opel Borbet Cascada Astra Et35 Titam 5x115 8.0x18 4 Ampera Antara For Ff1 Wheels Titam 8.0x18 Antara Ampera Ff1 4 Borbet For 5x115 Cascada Opel Astra Wheels Et35 4 Borbet Wheels, Ex18 Antera Alloy Cascada Black Fits 19 Astra Ampera 5x115 Wheels J Opel Wheels Opel Ex18 Alloy Ampera Fits Cascada 19 Antera 5x115 Black Astra J 19 Black Ex18, Cascada Astra 5x115 Ampera Alloy Opel Fits 19 Wheels Ex14 Bp J Antera Ex14 5x115 Fits Opel Wheels J Alloy Astra Ampera 19 Antera Cascada Bp 19 Bp Ex14, Vauxhall Astra 5x115 Alloy Bp 19 Wheels Ex14 Ampera Cascada Fits J Antera J 5x115 Vauxhall Alloy Bp Antera Cascada Ampera Wheels Fits Ex14 19 Astra 19 Bp Ex14, Swm I Ampera 4 Ff1 Opel Antara Cascada 5x115 For Wheels Borbet Et35 8.0x18 Astra I 5x115 8.0x18 Cascada For Ff1 Swm Borbet 4 Et35 Antara Astra Opel Ampera Wheels 4 Borbet Wheels, 5x115 Astra Alloy Lite S Fits Wheels Antera Cs Cascada J Opel Ampera 19 19 Cascada Fits Ampera S Opel Astra 5x115 Cs Alloy Lite Wheels J Antera 19 S Cs, Cruize And Fit For Mokka Wheels 20 J X Alloy Opel K Ampera Bp E Blade Mokka Astra Mokka For E X Fit And K Cruize Blade Bp Wheels Alloy Ampera 20 Mokka Opel Astra J Alloy Wheels 20, Cs 5x115 Alloy Astra Wheels Antera Ampera Fits Lite 19 J Mb Vauxhall Cascada Cs Lite 19 Astra Antera Alloy Ampera Vauxhall Cascada J Wheels Fits 5x115 Mb 19 Mb Cs, Vauxhall 5x115 Ampera Antera S Fits Cascada 19 Alloy Wheels Astra Lite Cs J 19 Antera Alloy Fits Cascada J Lite Ampera 5x115 Vauxhall S Wheels Astra Cs 19 S Cs, Wheels Fit For And Novus J Alloy 01 K Opel X E Bp Mokka Ampera Mokka 19 Astra 19 01 Alloy X Novus And For K Mokka Astra Mokka J Opel Bp E Wheels Fit Ampera 19 Novus 01, Opel Antara 8x18 Lamera Insig 5x115 Ampera For Swmp 4 Cascada Astra Wheels Autec Opel Astra 8x18 Insig For Autec Lamera Wheels Cascada Antara 4 5x115 Ampera Swmp 4 Autec Lamera, 5x115 Ampera Wheels Cascada J 20 Fits Vauxhall Tourer Silver Antera Alloy Astra 20 Wheels Antera Astra Silver 5x115 Vauxhall Ampera Alloy J Tourer Cascada Fits 20 Silver Tourer, Antera Alloy Fits Cascada 5x115 Ampera Silver Tourer J Wheels Opel Astra 20 Silver Alloy Opel Cascada Fits Tourer J Wheels Ampera 5x115 20 Antera Astra 20 Silver Tourer, Ampera Wheels Grey Alloy 5x115 Cascada J Vauxhall Antera Tourer Fits 20 Astra 5x115 Alloy J Ampera Antera Cascada Wheels Grey Tourer Astra 20 Fits Vauxhall 20 Grey Tourer, Tourer Wheels Alloy 20 Grey 5x115 Cascada Antera Astra Fits Ampera J Opel Alloy Ampera 20 Opel Antera Fits Astra Tourer Grey J 5x115 Cascada Wheels 20 Grey Tourer, Ampera 5x115 17 Antera Gm Cascada Revenge Alloy Fits Astra J Wheels Opel Wheels Cascada Antera Alloy Fits 17 Ampera Opel Astra 5x115 Gm J Revenge 17 Gm Revenge, Lamera 4 Astra 5x115 8x18 Autec Opel Cascada Ampera Antara Insign For Hyp Wheels Antara Astra 8x18 Wheels Cascada Autec 4 For Insign Opel Ampera Lamera Hyp 5x115 4 Autec Lamera, Revenge Ampera Wheels Gm 17 Astra Cascada Alloy 5x115 J Fits Antera Vauxhall Antera Cascada 5x115 Alloy Gm Fits Astra 17 Revenge J Wheels Ampera Vauxhall 17 Gm Revenge, J 5x115 Fits Astra Ampera Gmf 19 Cascada Vauxhall Wheels Cc-i Antera Alloy Wheels Ampera Cc-i Vauxhall Fits 19 J Alloy Antera Cascada Astra Gmf 5x115 19 Gmf Cc-i, J 19 Wheels Ampera Antera Astra Cascada Fits Alloy Grey Opel Cc-i 5x115 Cc-i Fits Antera 19 Ampera Alloy Opel Cascada Grey Astra Wheels J 5x115 19 Grey Cc-i, Wheels 16 Alloy J Astra Fits 5x115 Vauxhall Ampera Antera B Cascada Revenge Wheels 5x115 J Antera 16 B Astra Ampera Cascada Fits Vauxhall Revenge Alloy 16 B Revenge, Opel 5x115 Alloy Wheels J 19 Astra Cascada Cc-i Gmf Antera Ampera Fits Alloy Cc-i Cascada Opel Antera Astra 19 Wheels Gmf Ampera J 5x115 Fits 19 Gmf Cc-i, Antera Cascada Fits Cc-i 5x115 Alloy 19 Vauxhall J Grey Astra Ampera Wheels Fits Wheels Vauxhall Ampera Cc-i J Cascada Antera 19 5x115 Alloy Astra Grey 19 Grey Cc-i, Cascada Wheels Ampera 16 Revenge B Antera J Astra Opel Alloy Fits 5x115 J 5x115 Fits Ampera Alloy Wheels Cascada Opel B Antera Astra Revenge 16 16 B Revenge, Wheels 18 Fits Ex10 Cascada Antera J 5x115 Bp Ampera Vauxhall Astra Alloy J Antera Astra Vauxhall Ampera Fits Ex10 5x115 Alloy Bp Wheels 18 Cascada 18 Bp Ex10, Alloy Silver Wheels Antera Ampera Fits Cc-a Vauxhall 19 Cascada J Astra 5x115 Astra 5x115 Cc-a Silver Cascada Alloy Vauxhall Ampera 19 J Wheels Fits Antera 19 Silver Cc-a, Opel Antera 20 Cc-q Ampera Wheels 5x115 Astra Silver Cascada Fits J Alloy Silver Opel J Cc-q Astra Ampera 20 Wheels Alloy Fits 5x115 Antera Cascada 20 Silver Cc-q, Cascada Ampera Grey Wheels Fits Astra Cc-q Alloy 5x115 J 20 Antera Vauxhall Cc-q Antera Alloy 20 Cascada Vauxhall Astra 5x115 Grey Wheels Ampera Fits J 20 Grey Cc-q, 19 Cc-a Silver Fits J Ampera Antera 5x115 Astra Wheels Alloy Opel Cascada Alloy J Cascada Silver 19 5x115 Astra Fits Wheels Cc-a Ampera Opel Antera 19 Silver Cc-a, 20 Antera Ampera Wheels Alloy Vauxhall Fits Cascada Astra 5x115 Cc-q J Silver J Cascada Fits Ampera Silver Vauxhall Antera Wheels Alloy Cc-q 5x115 Astra 20 20 Silver Cc-q, Cc-q J Fits Antera 5x115 Grey Astra Wheels 20 Opel Ampera Cascada Alloy Opel Ampera Alloy Antera Wheels Grey Cc-q J 5x115 20 Astra Cascada Fits 20 Grey Cc-q, Opel Astra J Bp Ex14 5x115 Alloy Cascada Antera Wheels Ampera Fits 18 Bp Alloy J 5x115 Antera Opel Astra Wheels 18 Cascada Fits Ex14 Ampera 18 Bp Ex14, J Bp Alloy 18 Vauxhall Ampera Fits 5x115 Wheels Antera Astra Cascada Ex15 5x115 Cascada J Ex15 Ampera Wheels Vauxhall 18 Fits Antera Alloy Bp Astra 18 Bp Ex15, 18 Ex18 Opel Grey Fits 5x115 Astra Ampera Cascada Wheels Antera Alloy J Fits Cascada 5x115 Antera Ex18 Grey Wheels Astra J Opel Ampera Alloy 18 18 Grey Ex18, Fits Wheels 18 Antera Vauxhall 5x115 Alloy Cascada J Astra Ampera Ex18 Grey Vauxhall J Cascada Astra Antera Fits 5x115 18 Ampera Grey Wheels Alloy Ex18 18 Grey Ex18, Bp J Ex15 Cascada 5x115 Antera Ampera Opel Fits 18 Alloy Astra Wheels Bp Opel 5x115 Wheels Astra Ampera Antera Fits Cascada J Alloy Ex15 18 18 Bp Ex15, J Ampera Astra 5x115 Wheels Bp Opel 18 Ex10 Fits Antera Alloy Cascada Ex10 Alloy J 18 Ampera Bp Antera Cascada Astra 5x115 Wheels Fits Opel 18 Bp Ex10, Wheels Alloy Vauxhall Antera J Fits Cascada Astra 5x115 Ex14 Bp Ampera 18 J Ampera Fits Alloy 18 Antera Astra Ex14 Bp Vauxhall Cascada Wheels 5x115 18 Bp Ex14, Cascada 4 8x18 Delano Wheels Ampera Antara Opel 5x115 Autec Astra Insign For Hyp Wheels Insign Astra Ampera Delano 4 Antara Autec For Hyp Opel 8x18 5x115 Cascada 4 Autec Delano, X For Wheels K Fit J Cruize Astra Gto Gb E Opel Mokka Alloy 19 Ampera Fit X Alloy For Cruize Gto E Opel K Ampera J Wheels Astra 19 Gb Mokka Alloy Wheels 19, Ampera Fit Cascada Opel For Wheels E Antara 190 Cruize Spl Alloy 19 Cascada Spl Ampera 19 For Wheels Alloy Fit Cruize Antara Opel E 190 Alloy Wheels 19, Fit Bp Antara Cascada Cruize 19 For Ampera Blade E Opel Alloy Wheels Bp Blade Fit Antara E Ampera 19 Opel Wheels Alloy Cruize Cascada For Alloy Wheels 19, F7 Cascada 5x115 Ampera 19 Vauxhall Wheels Fits Antera Alloy Black Astra J Cascada Vauxhall F7 19 Alloy Fits Black Ampera J Astra Antera 5x115 Wheels 19 Black F7, K Mokka Ampera Bp Mokka Alloy Fit For 19 Opel Wheels E Gto Cruize Astra X J For Opel Wheels J Fit Ampera E Mokka Astra Mokka X Gto Alloy Cruize Bp 19 K Alloy Wheels 19, Mokka Opel 19 Ampera X Alloy Cruize Astra J Mokka For Gto K Gm Wheels E Fit Fit J E Gto Gm Opel Astra K Wheels 19 Alloy Mokka Cruize Mokka X Ampera For Alloy Wheels 19, Alloy Fit Wheels Cascada For Ampera Cruize 19 Antara E 190 Opel Sp Cruize E Sp 190 Wheels Antara Ampera Alloy Fit Cascada For Opel 19 Alloy Wheels 19, Ampera E Alloy Astra 19 Cruize X Blade And Bp Opel K Wheels J Mokka Mokka For Fit Fit Wheels And X Blade Opel K 19 Alloy Cruize Mokka Mokka Bp J For Astra Ampera E Alloy Wheels 19, E J Fit 19 K Bp Alloy Cruize Ampera Opel For Mokka Opc Astra Wheels 190 E Opel K For J Mokka Astra Opc Alloy 190 Ampera Wheels 19 Cruize Fit Bp Alloy Wheels 19, For Astra E Cruize 19 Ampera J Sp Wheels 190 Opel Fit Alloy Mokka Opc K Cruize Opel Sp Mokka Wheels 190 19 J K E Fit Alloy For Opc Ampera Astra Alloy Wheels 19, For Alloy Bpf Fit E J 19 Mokka Blade Ampera K Cruize Opel Wheels Opc Astra Opel Blade Bpf K Mokka Cruize J For Opc Ampera Wheels 19 Astra Alloy Fit E Alloy Wheels 19, 19 Cascada Cruize For Ampera 190 Bp Fit E Alloy Antara Opel Wheels Cruize Opel Antara Fit 190 Bp Ampera Wheels 19 Alloy E For Cascada 19 Alloy Wheels, Dmm Astra 5x115 Black Opel Alloy Ampera 19 Fits Wheels Cascada J Antera Cascada Antera Fits Alloy Opel Black 5x115 Astra 19 Dmm Wheels Ampera J 19 Black Dmm, Wheels Antera 19 5x115 J Alloy Astra Grey Cascada Fits Vauxhall Ampera Dmm Astra Fits Cascada Antera J Vauxhall Alloy Wheels Grey Dmm 5x115 19 Ampera 19 Grey Dmm, Fits Fast Alloy Opel 5x115 Gmf Wheels Cascada Ampera Astra 19 Antera J 19 Gmf Wheels 5x115 Alloy J Opel Cascada Ampera Fits Fast Astra Antera 19 Gmf Fast, J Alloy Cascada Antera Fits 5x115 19 Daa Wheels Opel Astra Ampera Grey J Ampera Cascada Wheels Daa Astra Antera 19 Fits Opel Alloy 5x115 Grey 19 Grey Daa, Alloy Antera Wheels 5x115 Ampera Cascada Astra J Silver Opel Tg4 19 Fits Wheels Astra 19 Opel Tg4 Antera 5x115 Alloy J Cascada Silver Ampera Fits 19 Silver Tg4, Opel Antera 5x115 Astra Ampera Wheels Silver J Dgr Cascada 19 Alloy Fits Ampera Fits Silver 19 Antera Astra Cascada 5x115 J Dgr Opel Wheels Alloy 19 Silver Dgr, J Cascada 19 Wheels 5x115 Vauxhall Alloy Fits Daa Ampera Antera Black Astra Fits Daa J Ampera 5x115 Alloy 19 Vauxhall Wheels Antera Black Cascada Astra 19 Black Daa, Wheels Ampera Fits Cascada 5x115 J Astra Alloy Antera Daa Opel 19 Black J 5x115 Ampera 19 Alloy Astra Fits Black Antera Cascada Wheels Opel Daa 19 Black Daa, Astra Fast Alloy Gmf Antera Vauxhall Cascada Wheels Ampera 19 J 5x115 Fits Antera J Cascada Wheels 5x115 Fast Fits Astra Alloy Vauxhall 19 Ampera Gmf 19 Gmf Fast, Fits Ampera Alloy 19 Cascada Dmm Black Wheels Antera 5x115 Vauxhall J Astra Astra Black Ampera 19 5x115 Antera J Vauxhall Cascada Dmm Fits Wheels Alloy 19 Black Dmm, J Antera Astra Fits 5x115 Opel Wheels Grey Dmm Cascada 19 Ampera Alloy 5x115 Fits Astra Cascada Antera Dmm 19 Opel Grey Ampera Wheels Alloy J 19 Grey Dmm, Fits Daa Grey 19 Antera 5x115 J Astra Cascada Alloy Vauxhall Wheels Ampera Fits Cascada Antera Grey 19 Alloy 5x115 Wheels J Daa Ampera Vauxhall Astra 19 Grey Daa, Wheels Astra Cascada Fits Ampera 19 Dla J 5x115 Antera Alloy Black Opel 19 Antera Alloy Opel J Fits Dla 5x115 Astra Ampera Wheels Black Cascada 19 Black Dla, Astra Antera Opel 19 Wheels Alloy 5x115 Cascada Bpe Fast J Fits Ampera Bpe J Ampera Cascada 19 Alloy Opel Antera Fast Fits Wheels 5x115 Astra 19 Bpe Fast, 5x115 Alloy Vauxhall Cascada Dla 19 Ampera Fits Astra J Antera Wheels Black Dla Astra Black 19 5x115 J Alloy Cascada Ampera Wheels Antera Vauxhall Fits 19 Black Dla, 5x115 Astra Fast J Fits Vauxhall Wheels 19 Antera Bpe Cascada Ampera Alloy 19 J Cascada Fast 5x115 Ampera Antera Vauxhall Astra Alloy Bpe Fits Wheels 19 Bpe Fast, Fits Cascada 5x115 Vauxhall 19 J Tg4 Ampera Wheels Antera Alloy Silver Astra Ampera Alloy Astra Fits Silver Antera Tg4 Wheels 5x115 J 19 Cascada Vauxhall 19 Silver Tg4, Opel Astra Wheels 19 Antera J F7 5x115 Fits Alloy Ampera Cascada Black Wheels Cascada Ampera Astra Fits Antera 5x115 Opel Alloy Black J 19 F7 19 Black F7, Wheels Et42 Swp 5x115 8.0jx18 Ampera For Casc Astra 4 Opel Antara Perfektion Ats Et42 Ampera 4 5x115 For Wheels Astra Opel 8.0jx18 Casc Perfektion Antara Ats Swp 4 Ats Wheels, Antera Vauxhall Wheels J 19 Black Cascada Astra Fits Ampera 5x115 Iota Alloy J 19 5x115 Wheels Alloy Ampera Vauxhall Fits Cascada Antera Black Astra Iota 19 Black Iota, Fits Wheels 19 Ampera 5x115 Radium Alloy Astra Antera Gb Cascada J Opel Gb Alloy Opel 19 Wheels Radium Cascada Fits J 5x115 Astra Antera Ampera 19 Gb Radium, Astra 19 Ampera 5x115 Hs Cascada Opel Alloy Ms007 Antera J Fits Wheels Fits Antera Ampera Alloy Astra J Wheels Ms007 Hs Opel 19 Cascada 5x115 19 Hs Ms007, Ampera Opel Astra Black Wheels Alloy 19 Antera J Cascada Iota Fits 5x115 Alloy 19 Iota Opel Black Ampera 5x115 Fits Cascada Antera Astra Wheels J 19 Black Iota, J Antera Cascada 19 Wheels Radium Vauxhall Gb Astra Fits Ampera Alloy 5x115 Radium Cascada Antera Gb Alloy Vauxhall Wheels 19 Ampera Fits Astra J 5x115 19 Gb Radium, 5x115 Wheels Fits Grey Iota Alloy J Astra Antera 19 Cascada Ampera Vauxhall Iota 5x115 Cascada Astra Vauxhall Grey Fits Antera Alloy Wheels J Ampera 19 19 Grey Iota, Antera Alloy Opel Wheels 19 5x115 Ampera Alpha J Cascada Fits Astra Grey Cascada Opel Antera Astra Grey Alpha 19 Fits Wheels Ampera Alloy 5x115 J 19 Grey Alpha, Hs Alloy Fits Wheels Vauxhall 5x115 Ampera Astra Cascada Ms007 J 19 Antera Ms007 Antera J Fits Cascada Hs Ampera Astra Vauxhall Wheels 5x115 19 Alloy 19 Hs Ms007, Alloy Ampera Vauxhall Wheels 5x115 Antera Fits J Alpha Astra Grey 19 Cascada 19 Alpha Alloy Cascada 5x115 Grey Wheels J Vauxhall Fits Astra Antera Ampera 19 Grey Alpha, 17 Cascada J Ampera Antera Opel 5x115 Ex3 Fits Black Astra Alloy Wheels 17 J Ex3 Black Antera Ampera Cascada Wheels 5x115 Fits Opel Alloy Astra 17 Black Ex3, Fits J Astra 17 Wheels Alloy Ex18 Cascada Black Opel 5x115 Ampera Antera Black Wheels Fits Alloy Cascada 17 Opel J Ex18 Antera 5x115 Ampera Astra 17 Black Ex18, J Blade Fits 19 5x115 Antera Wheels Ampera Vauxhall Mb Cascada Alloy Astra Fits Wheels Ampera Blade Mb Alloy 19 Antera Cascada Astra 5x115 Vauxhall J 19 Mb Blade.

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