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chevy bolt reliability

Yes, there are problems with both models (gen 1 and the heater, gen 2 and shift to park), but there's nothing like the car just falling to pieces. With the current generation Volt, you can get up to 50 miles of all electric range. 16kW Level 2 JuiceBox EVSE installed and ready. Among the findings just released by Consumer Reports in its annual vehicle reliability study is that the Chevy Bolt is Chevrolet's most reliable offering. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,,,,1048-1393, JavaScript is disabled. JD Power gives a good reliability score: but also gives a great for resale... which doesn't seem to match what I hear. Consumer Reports adds that most ICE vehicles have become slightly less reliable over recent years (mostly due to the addition of high-tech infotainment and other safety-related systems that are prone to failure), while electric car reliability continues to improve. I got 2 different shift to park issues in my almost 3 years of ownership (2017). If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care Oh no no, not really for a comparison, just in general. There are examples that are over 200k miles and still going strong. This should significantly reduce your cost of operation. #2 happened at around 2.5 years, with the false shifter reading when turning off the vehicle. Other than that no problems for the past 2.5 years/43k miles. to get the information you were looking for! Controls take some getting used to including the unintuitive shifter. account information here. I say this because it all depends on how you are using the vehicle. The bad part here is how expensive this made the car (as in, cost for GM). 2017-2019 2017 Redesign Year The Bolt is a game changer since it’s the first relatively affordable EV to have a robust driving range. 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Long-Term Verdict: Award Worthiness Confirmed One year and nearly 17,000 miles with our fully electric 2017 Car of the Year I seem to recall renting other vehicles with similar cargo covers, at lest in terms of material. This small hatchback is built around a large 60-kWh battery pack that sits under the car’s floor and contributes to the car’s planted feel despite its tall stance. The "Shift to Park" problem, which cost me $70 and about 30 minutes to fix. Because of its high seating position, Chevy classifies the Bolt as a crossover. The reviews seem all over the place. SUVs Under $25,000 With Safety Systems That Come Standard. Antuan Goodwin/Roadshow MyLink smartphone-powered tech . The G1 generator only makes 50kw and the 100kw drive motor will slurp down the watts going uphill. I don't recall my gas/electric percentage, but I did drive it a lot for work a few yrs ago on 6-8 hr round trips and have 78k miles currently. Last year, I bought a 3-year old 2015 which was apparently a lease turn in.,, 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. This car has had zero problems, so far it's the best vehicle I've ever owned. I am considering a used Chevy Volt, preferable Gen2, but am a bit nervous about reliability. Used Cars: Most Reliable 3-Year-Old Large SUVs. It's hardly unique to Chevy. I hope mine too. I've had two problems with it in that time. That is the type of issue I like to hear about. I got lucky that the dealer wanted to keep a happy customer, so they covered it. I would disagree that the Volt has 'No running cost advantage over a Prius', at least for those that primarily drive for distances that allow only electric usage. You don't have to pay luxury prices to get key safety equipment. If battery concerns are not addressed, over time the vehicle could enter a reduced propulsion mode while driving, or lose propulsion, or it may not start. #1 happened in just over a year, all motor power was lost while driving and the car instructed me to shift to park, had to get a tow. With 200 electrified horses on tap, the Bolt accelerates with gusto. Consumer Reports released their 2016 Annual Auto Reliability Survey and manufacturers are ranked based on the predicted reliability of their vehicles. GM let the engineers go wild. Deciding When It's Time to Upgrade Your Child's Car Seat, See all 2020 Chevrolet Bolt Ratings & Reliability, Electric Chevy Bolt Promises Long Range, Low Price, 2019 LA Auto Show: 2021 Chevrolet Trailblazer. Unfortunately hoses aren't covered under the power train warranty, so I had to eat the cost of doing that. Shift to park for the Gen2 is an annoying issue that could easily be fixed with better stop switches. The end result is that the gen 2 isn't quite as much as a tank, but they're still really well made cars. The severity of repairs is low while frequency of those issues is average, so major issues are uncommon for the Volt. Supposedly they replaced the entire transmission. Hers has been problem free. The cargo cover in the Bolt is similar to that of the one in the Mini Countryman. Other than that, I've had 0 maintenance issues in 3.5 years (other than the power recall fixed by the dealer before it became a problem). GM refers to the Bolt as a crossover. The plug in Prius has nowhere near the all electric range. The reviews seem all over the place. The Bolt may not be out yet, but Chevy's increase in the reliability rankings can only bode good things for us. Tank is an apropos description: about 3 yrs ago, I was rear-ended while stopped at a light (some kid wasn't paying attention and accelerated into me at ~30mph). I've had to redo tie rods, but that is due to living in an area with notoriously bad roads...and she does really well on back country roads! Ideally you would buy a used Gen 2. Did the battery imbalance issue happen to only the gen1? Consumer Reports released their 2016 Annual Auto Reliability Survey and manufacturers are ranked based on the predicted reliability of their vehicles. Loss of Propulsion Due to Low Cell Voltage. I had noticed Consumer reports gives the Chevy volt a fairly negative review on reliability. Dealers are to update the Hybrid Powertrain Control Module 2 (HPCM2). The gen 1 was built like a tank. A full charge takes 10 hours on a 240-volt connector, but with a rated 259-mile range, owners should rarely have to fully charge the Bolt. One of the tire pressure sensors is bad, It says my tire is low, but it isn't. Took over 8 weeks for the dealership to get the replacement part. The average annual repair cost is $550 which means it has lower than average ownership costs. I've had my 2017 Volt since July of 2016. I guess the reason you so see many negative forum posts about the volt because there are owners not posting their reliable volts. Will the dealers apply these fixes free (or at least cheaply) out of warranty? Individual reporting doesn't worry me much, the review sites that report on reliability (with likely some statistical make) saying it's lower does. Would you be able to do some sort of summary of the issues and fixes you researched? Some other sites show issues such as: unfortunately it seems the 2017, the model year I would most likely be interested in being the worst of the model years and the issues seemed to be more severe on that model. Here's the recall information - My Gen1 is one of the affected vehicles and I've seen this glitch. Join to discuss sport mode, reviews, battery range and charging! Can't really comapre the volt to bolt, one is a sedan and the other is a hatchback. Same material, same sort of mechanism. Better-than-average ratings or worse-than-average ratings fall on either side of that range. Since these cars depreciate very heavily from "new" the used deals on them can be very good. Just my experience. According to the service records, it had no problems and had only been to the dealership for an oil change. I have a gen2 (2019) for about 10 months and no problems at all. It does seem to have some issues, but how severe are they? they don't suggest the current volt but guess what, there's a lot of people out there that have one, i've been seeing more of these on the road that with the previous generation and more than any other EV once you look at time of release and how soon they've shown up. The one source is based on reports form hundreds or even thousands of subscribers. From what I can see with the Volt (I'm not subscribed) the cons listed sound pretty annoying. It does seem to have some issues, but how severe are they? I would try for a 2018 or 2019, that way you have a good amount of bumper to bumper warranty. The driver’s seat is short on lower back support and interior quality is on the cheap side. It's individual reliability ranking isn't bad, but BMW as a whole performs extremely well in this category. A visit to any Chevy or GM electric vehicle forum should confirm the reliability of the Chevy Bolt EV, as well as highlighting a few niggling issues that owners still experience. The 2016's would have no bumper to bumper and most 2017's would have possibly none or a year at most. It's a GM so don't expect Toyota quality. My sister has a 2013 for 4yrs now and I just bought a 2014 with 30k miles a month ago. Built like a tank! The Bolt may not be out yet, but Chevy's increase in the reliability rankings can only bode good things for us. Anybody have a take on the reliability, was thinking of the Gen 2 but Gen 1 might be more reliable. SERVICE BRAKES, HYDRAULIC Recall Date: August 30, 2018. I presume not. I only found out about it a couple of days ago. We also chat about how to get rid of a car air conditioner’s musty smell. I had noticed Consumer reports gives the Chevy volt a fairly negative review on reliability. You could basically drive the car until the voltec warranty is up with peace of mind. The Reliability score is based on our latest subscriber survey of 2017 Chevrolet Volt owners. I'm taking my Gen 1 to the dealer this Friday to get my charge recepticle replaced under Voltec warranty. Summary: General Motors LLC (GM) is recalling certain 2018-2019 Chevrolet Equinox, Impala, Cruze, Volt and Bolt EV vehicles, GMC Terrain vehicles, Buick Lacrosse and Regal vehicles, Cadillac XTS and XTS Professional vehicles and 2018 Chevrolet Malibu vehicles. That problem could be classified as a power train problem in these responses, even though it's simply a problem with the gear shifter switch and not something mechanically wrong with the car. This site:,1048-1393 (with a comparison added for Prius prime) indicates higher failures for the gen 2 and lower for Gen1, but way higher than the Prius. The other thing is I can no longer switch radio stations with the steering wheel buttons. Outside of those two things, it's been very reliable and my favorite car I've ever owned. The lowest of any vehicle included in the rankings. Apparently they made a lot of 2017's and sold a lot in 2016. I also think a lot of the issues have been fixed in software and getting all the updates may make it a good bit more reliable... Just a guess. When I got it there was an outstanding recall for the hatch struts, so I took it in and got those replaced under warranty. Yeah, been looking at 2017 as they are not too expensive.

Honda Ev Plus 1997, Edward Norton Nominations, Adobe Xd Desktop Preview, Faking It Season 4, Patrick J Adams Net Worth, 2018 Nissan Rogue,