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My car had “almost constant” SOH during the cold, but when the battery temperature got above 12 deg Celsius, then it falled 3% (Between when I stopped the car at the evening, and when I started it next morning. NISSAN’S CUSTOMER CARE PROGRAM 3. Remember that the option to limit the charge to 80 % was removed when the 2014 model year debuted (to game EPA range ratings). One thing to verify on the 30kwh Leaf is whether it’s had a software update that came out this summer. Makes me think something hasn’t been correctly tuned for the larger pack. 0000036601 00000 n Thanks, I’ll check it out if this is a real fix or just a way for Nissan to hide battery degradation and avoid warranty claims. The 24kWh had 5 years warranty only. 0000023738 00000 n 0000036027 00000 n I am probably overthinking this, especially as there is so much unknown in *any* used vehicle. Nissan Leaf Battery Warranty: What You MUST Do To Keep It Valid, BMW has made 200,000 of its quirky i3 electric cars, 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1: 350-mile electric off-road SUV priced at $112,595, 2023 Cadillac Lyriq electric crossover will be made in Tennessee, GM confirms, 2021 Porsche Panamera plug-in hybrids get more electric range, quicker acceleration. If the first “recalibration” fails, try it again, but do the charging with QC (and not at home). 2022 GMC Hummer EV Edition 1: 350-mile electric off-road SUV priced at... Model Y tow package recall points to a continued Tesla strength. Dollars rounded to the nearest whole dollar. 2. 24 kWh battery (model years 2011-2014): have higher degradation levels But for this it has to be well calibrated: The value of SOH, with mild temperatures and after several full loads and deep discharges (good calibration) is very reliable. I am glad that at least someone gives this information. 0000035165 00000 n 0000004591 00000 n If all the temp sensors inside the pack show values above 5 deg Celsius, then you can charge without risk. 0000035918 00000 n 0000004715 00000 n Recently a driver had “measured” each one with LeafSpy. Nissan e-NV200 Van. After that (and some QCs), SOH jumped to 102%, Hx=104%. Anyone can call the Nissan LEAF customer service number 877-644-2738 and press 1 for english and then 4 for *some other choice* and ask questions about a particular car (YOU MUST HAVE THE VIN!). Actually the biggest problem of battary that you could not know what heppen before with it? 0000015929 00000 n Woah, this is kind of alarming. Fully charged it showed 26.4kwh. A full list of recommended 2015 Nissan LEAF regular maintenance including pricing. ... in the Supplement to 2015 Nissan Warranty Informa-tion Booklet, and 2015 Nissan OWNER’S MANUAL. 2: how can I find out if an older car (or any car) has a Gen 1 or Gen 2 battery? Since the Leaf battery pack is encased by a steel frame, we think it would be particularly hard to intentionally set alight to -- or flood -- the Leaf’s battery pack outside of a several collision. Just bought Nissan Leaf S 2015 with level 2 port. 618 0 obj <> endobj View our Security+Plus® Extended Protection Plans and contact your local Dealer to enhance your package. 0000035209 00000 n https://pushevs.com/2020/09/29/svolt-unveils-interesting-data-on-its-cobalt-free-batteries/, Last month was revealed that one of two locations LG is evaluating is the Nissan plant in Barcelona which will…. https://flipthefleet.org/resources/benchmark-your-leaf-before-buying/. 24 kWh battery: 4 cells per module, 48 modules in total The study has some interesting conclusions and I recommend … 0000004821 00000 n Do this always using the same charging current. For 30 and 40 kWh, it's 8 years/100K miles. (The lowest mileage was 75k km and the lowest SOH was 89%). You got to seperate 24 kwh batt lizard from the older version. A 2011 Nissan LEAF gets a under warranty battery swap. Most days I charge it to 80% and drive it down to 15% or so before recharging. still having the 12 bars. See your Dealer or warranty information booklet for relevant information. No Purposeful Damage, Or Unapproved Maintenance. needs better quality control… Thanks again for your info. Visit our site to search and download your Nissan vehicle's warranty information including CVT, powertrain, LEAF battery and Extended Protection Plans. When the lease is up, there will be a bunch of better longer range options. Sign up to get the latest green car and environmental news, delivered to your inbox daily! Glad I leased my 2017 Leaf instead of buying it. SOH is calculated by the BMS, not by LeafSpy. Also, has Leaf Spy itself had any insights into how Leaf Spy performs with 30kWh batteries? No. In other words, it advises against charging your Leaf to full when the battery state of charge is already above the 80 percent full mark, or in fact regularly letting your leaf to enter its automatic charge cycle when the battery state of charge is above 80 percent. It’s now 21 months old. “The Li-ion battery discharges gradually if the vehicle is parked for a long time. @Pedro Lima Lima Democracies are fragile and every time they prevail it must be celebrated. Lots of noise to weed through on the posts there, but a lot of useful info as well. No Extreme Temperatures, Or Daily Top-Off Charging. I have 155000km (97000 miles) done in my e-NV200, in 23 months. Am in the market for a used LEAF and wanted to make sure that I understand all the issues re: battery life and degradation and etc…. With a third battery cell plant in Europe LG Chem expects to have a global annual production capacity of 260 GWh by 2023. I plan to drive it until I buy a new or refabricated battery for it in a few years, then keep on driving it. How Much Range Does Your Leaf Lose If You Unplug It For 8 Days? 0000004867 00000 n You have the alternative to set 80% charge limit also for 2014> cars: in Navi (for hi spec Teknas) or in combimeter (for Low spec Visias). Just like Tesla advises customers against long-term storage when the battery is nearly empty,  Nissan clearly states in its manual and its warranty that “Leaving your vehicle for over 14 days where the Li-ion battery reaches a zero or near zero state of charge” will invalidate your warranty. – Oh no, sorry, you need a software update. Warranty good for five years or 60,000 miles. 0000015550 00000 n <<364159453B10934E8C5299D4D908EE2F>]>> Maybe I need to recalibrate the BMS somehow? Is the SOH calculated by the BMS or by leaf spy itself. 0000010207 00000 n 0000015490 00000 n 2011 Nissan Leafs Start Losing Capacity Bars: Should You Worry? Got a question about the warranty, lease, maintenance, or anything else with your Nissan? Capacity warranty is 5 years/60K miles for 24 kWh batteries. ... 31 REPLACEMENT 12V BATTERY LIMITED WARRANTY 33 GENUINE NISSAN PARTS AND ACCESSORIES TABLE OF CONTENTS. If so equipped, you can manage your NissanConnect® Services and NissanConnect EV subscription through your MyNISSAN account. 1. if a limited range fits your normal driving habits, then yes, it might be a good idea. This information is supplied for personal use only and may not be used for any Check out our warranty details by model year. Nissan vehicles are covered by a new vehicle limited warranty, and almost all come with a 3-Year / 36,000 mile limited warranty (whichever occurs first) and a 5-year / 60,000 mile limited warranty for powertrain components (whichever occurs first). – All Vans & Trucks. What kind of advice do you’all have for me? The rest of the numbers in the app are consistent with the 98%. Select a model and year from the options below: Can't find your vehicle? What is the most important advantage and disadvantage between LMNO and LFP? 0000015384 00000 n Nissan NV300. commercial purpose whatsoever without the express written consent of Chrome Data. low temp or using the slow charger? I ran it down to Turtle mode, then charged to 100% on L1. The initial prices of the most affordable electric car in Europe start to appear. A more dense battery pack will dissipate heat more slowly. When I have sit in forst, the SOH was about 90% and the Hx was 88%. Nissan e-NV200 Van. Find a Used Nissan LEAF. But while the arguments in the bricked Tesla Roadster story flame on, we dug out the paperwork that came with out 2011 Nissan Leaf to see what we are required to do in order to keep the battery warranty valid. The only true test is to charge the battery to full, go to a motorway on an early morning and drive at a constant speed (let’s say at 90 or 100 km/h) down to low SOC. 0000036398 00000 n © 2020 AutoWeb, Inc., all rights reserved. In a recent study 283 Nissan Leafs manufactured between 2011 and 2017, had their SoH (State of Health) measured 1.382 times. A little over a year ago, Nissan upgraded their battery warranty policy by stating they would warranty any and all LEAFs to maintain a charge of at least 70% of original capacity (about 9 "battery bars" on the dashboard display) for the first 5 years/60,000 miles. I got Leaf Spy in December, and it’s shown around 86% SOH fairly consistently since then, with battery temperatures between -10C and 5C. Maybe the fact that the ZOE has air cooling of the battery and the Leaf does not have any cooling is the reason? If you want to improve your electric car battery lifespan, you should know that it’s better to charge to 80 % and discharge till 0 % than to charge to 100 % and discharge to 20 %. In other words, just like every other electronic device which uses batteries, the batteries in your Nissan Leaf will deteriorate if you do not look after them properly. On this blog I try to provide interesting information about battery technologies that otherwise wouldn't be available to the public. In conclusion however, we’ve got one simple piece of advice. ... Nissan Warranty; Toggle CUSTOMER SERVICE menu CUSTOMER SERVICE FAQ Shop@Home Glossary Contact us WLTP Emissions Testing GDPR - Protecting your data Anyone would suggest what/where to perches leave 2 charger. You are right. As you’d expect, Nissan also warns that the Leaf battery warranty will be invalidated if any part of the battery pack is exposed to a naked flame, or immersed in liquids. ... Nissan Warranty; Toggle CUSTOMER SERVICE menu CUSTOMER SERVICE FAQ Shop@Home Glossary Contact us WLTP Emissions Testing GDPR - Protecting your data Today Renault unveiled two new electric cars, the Renault Mégane eVision and the Dacia Spring Electric. 0000004052 00000 n One up to 50%, and another at 22KW up to 90%, both in below freezing temperatures. I got the update on my 2017 Leaf, and it went from SOH 86% in the winter at 2500km, to SOH 89% in the spring after recalibrating (running down to turtle, then charging to 100%), to SOH 95% after getting the update.

1989 Jeep Cherokee Engine, 2020 Infiniti Q70 For Sale, High And Low Kurosawa, Msi Optix Mag321cqr Calibration, 2008 Peugeot 2020 Review, Quiksilver Board Shorts, Mark Porter Marina Oswald Porter, Have The Courage To Be Vulnerable,