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have the courage to be vulnerable

I’m not going to quit right now because the season’s not over, but when it ends, I’m going to stop playing. It was a lie. This is an excerpt from Nothing Changes Until You Do, by Mike Robbins, with permission. In addition to their comments and questions about my speech, a bunch of them wanted to tell me about something that happened a few days earlier. As amazing as this story is, the most incredible part is that when this coach told this story to a roomful of 150 Minor League Baseball players, he broke down and cried in front of all of them. writing various feelings each day; happy, sad, angry, scared. Wondering if it will be accepted and supported, both in and out of the group setting. But as an entrepreneur I must stay strong, and confident, especially during the toughest times! He took me out of the game, and in the second inning. Do You Have the Courage to Be Vulnerable? After I spoke, a number of them came up to talk to me. Little did I know that this would become my greatest strength. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. The Courage to be Vulnerable: A Key to Intimacy. What do you do to have the courage to be vulnerable in your life? ***Are You Ready to be Exceptional and Fill the Leadership Gap? Call a friend or family member that you haven’t talked to in a while and tell them you love them. The changing face of British sports interest, Know About Awakening Kundalini / Kriya Kundalini Yoga, How a Psychic Reading Can Help Give You Direction in Life, Energy |Reiki Healing |Divine Healing | Energy Management, Consciousness | Five Elements |Soul |Healing, Business Tips for Experts, Authors, Coaches, Get Updates on Consciousness and Awareness, >> See All Articles On Consciousness and Awareness, ***ANCHOR POSITIVE EMOTIONS WITH A MASTERMIND GROUP, ***Keeping Stuff Just in Case You Need It by Judi Moreo. In a March 2012 TED talk, she said, “Vulnerability is not weakness, and that myth is profoundly dangerous.” She went on to say that after 12 years of research, she has actually determined that vulnerability is “our most accurate measurement of courage.”. When our community comes together to support Dandelion, what we are all doing, together, is helping more girls to have the courage to be vulnerable to do more things that are not always easy or comfortable. This was a big deal for me and I was excited to have an opportunity to speak to these guys, given that I had stood in their shoes in my early 20s. I’m good. That’s how powerful it is when we have the courage to be vulnerable—when we let people see who we really are and how we really feel. No Comments . We never know what the day can bring and this, while not only making the other person feel loved, helps us express gratitude and openness. When friends and family asked how I was doing, of course my response was often, “I’m good,” knowing that was the furthest thing from the truth. Nelson now seeks to help entrepreneurs and CEOs everywhere through coaching, consulting, workshops, and public speaking. We included a few ideas to help you get started practicing being vulnerable. In addition to our own liberation, when we’re vulnerable we give other people permission to be vulnerable as well, and in so doing, we open up the possibility of real human connection and the opportunity to impact people in a profound way, which is what most of us truly want in life. This ability to speak on a deeply fearful issue of being perceived as a failure for needing treatment is now is one of the greatest attributes Tim has now. When Rock Bottom Hits.34, living under a bridge while the rain pours down around holding tight onto a bottle of vodka. Bunny also enjoys spending time with her family, children, and grandchildren as well as is an animal lover, especially playing with her 3 dogs. as author and speaker, Brene Brown shares is essential in the journey of recovery. To outside observers, my perfect life continued unimpeded—the entrepreneur was building his empire—and I gave them no reason to think otherwise. Without it, how can we grow in self-awareness, learn from others, or get the help we truly need in difficult times? They know we have struggled, and have done whatever they can to help and support the entire family. Share your earliest childhood memory with someone you trust. Published by Hay House (May, 2015 in paperback) and available online or in bookstores. Who can you be vulnerable with, and have direct and open conversations when the times are the toughest and the stakes the greatest at work? This—coupled with the economic downturn—led to our business downsizing by over 70% from 2001–2003. AJ told me that he had asked his coaches to introduce themselves to the players at their first all-camp meeting the week before in a unique way. Fear got in the way of asking for help; fear of being judged in our darkest times. No, I was not good, and if not for my wife, my business peer groups, and business partners with whom I could talk openly and honestly, I am not sure we would have made it through the abyss. A group setting can provide a healthy and functional representation of a family system which is the safest environment for an individual to work through the very issues that brought them to the IOP in the first place. That bottle was the last friend that would stick around. We are a close-knit family that needs to be vulnerable with each other when the inevitable issues that can occur in the addiction treatment atmosphere, it can be terribly crushing. Tim Francis, Miracles Recovery Center’s digital marketing expert, and mentorship coordinator used to be very closed off in what he would share with others. It is the furthest thing from the truth. What if we lived our lives according to the movie “Liar Liar”—the movie starred Jim Carrey playing a character who had to say exactly what was on his mind at all times—and we had to tell the truth every time that question was asked? I was mortified. If you get that high up and hang around for a while, you either make it up to the big leagues, or you walk away from the game. There is courage in vulnerability; it is very difficult to take the risk to allow others to see our true self; raw emotion, core feelings. I felt that she broke my confidence and now my life is ruined. But I wasn’t hurt, I did hustle on that play—I always hustled—and I hadn’t done anything stupid to warrant him taking me out of the game that early. How would that change our lives? I am a serial entrepreneur. Let go of who you think you should be in order to be who you really are. Vulnerability is what allows individuals to realize, recognize and identify their core issues, the underlying triggers for addictive behaviors. They had connection because of their authenticity. Post-divorce, I was a single dad with primary custody of three children, ages five to eleven. Alan got up and said, “I played for ten years in AAA, without a single day in the major leagues.”. In 2017, our family is dealing with cancer: our 3-year-old grandson. Unfortunately, all too often we relate to vulnerability—especially in certain environments, relationships, and situations—as something we should avoid at all costs. Since rebranding my business and launching the Engaging Voices podcast, I’ve been doing a ton of networking – everything from phone and video calls to speaking gigs to attending events. IOP would not be “just the same as all other treatments”, Suboxone is Now Accepted at Miracles Recovery Center. It sometimes feels as if we are naked in a room full of clothed people. It is not weakness; it is our most valuable measure of courage”. Stacey Shipman. EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION -- CONNECTIONS ARE CRITICAL, ***Are You Journaling: Achievement Journal by Judi Moreo, How To Keep Love Growing Through The Ups And Downs, ***How We Sabotage Ourselves And What To Do About It, Why Men Are Afraid of Commitment (And How To Help), Surprising Reasons Why Men Leave Relationships (And How To Handle It), Marriage Therapy: 8 Signs You Should See a Marriage Counselor, The first essential steps to selecting a PEMF system, Modifying Inflammation with Magnetic Fields, Progressive Treatment for Concussion and TBI, The Serenity Prayer: How it Can Help Your Recovery from Addiction, Denial and Addiction: Becoming Aware of the Inner Voice that Leads to Self-Destruction, Coming Out of Our Comfort Zones: Recovery From Addiction, ***Mental Toughness and Your Habits by Judi Moreo, What Are You Thinking? He has a B.S. But, how could he show me up like that, and in front of my father? Yet again, that is not completely truthful. Access the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice....all for FREE! That would really mean a lot to me.”. Now that only happens if you don’t hustle, do something stupid, or get hurt. We were spiraling out of control and were simply trying to remain in business. For example, at the beginning of my recovery from addiction, my Mom told everyone she could that I was in a drug and alcohol rehab. © 2020 Forbes Media LLC. What if we could just take one small step forward, grasping onto the hope that being vulnerable would truly be the turning point in our recovery; believing that entering into an IOP would not be “just the same as all other treatments”, believing that true healing can take place in the IOP groups. ” -Tim Francis. “I didn’t appreciate that; you showed me up in front of my father.”, “Well,” my manager said, “I took you out of the game because you just got called up to the major leagues.”. Recent leadership studies have shown that one of the most important traits of a leader is their courage to be vulnerable. She was going through a similar divorce, and we completely understood one another. And I am not referring to the many times we give that answer to consciously keep an unwanted conversation short. The dictionary definition of ‘vulnerability’ is “capable of being wounded” or “open to attack”. I was extremely excited to start the next phase of my life, which would eventually lead to a Brady Bunch wedding (my second wife also had three children of her own). A number of those guys would be released (i.e., cut) by the end of spring training, so how they performed over the next few weeks would have a big impact on not only their season but also their future baseball careers (or lack thereof). Families are broken, children are lost, parents are lost, brothers, sisters…… it just... Miracles Now Can Allow Individuals on SuboxoneMiracles Recovery Center located in Port St Lucie, FL is happy to announce that we now accept individuals that are taking Suboxone as a Medicated Assisted Treatment. It is the ability to be vulnerable, allowing others to see your true self, is the beginning of healing. When it comes to serious health problems, your worries can be all-consuming. When I got back in the dugout, my manager walked over to me, tapped me on the shoulder, and told me to sit down. Sweating through my clothes. Next time you hear yourself responding to somebody asking how you are doing with an “I’m good,” sit back and reflect for a moment. We are all better for having known Amy, and what better way to honor her than by having the courage to be vulnerable. I was desperate. It’s very uncommon and actually quite difficult to spend that much time at that level of the minors. Luckily, my wife and I have built a close support circle we can be vulnerable with, and they have been amazingly supportive. Randy H. Nelson is a speaker, a coach, a best-selling author, a qualified entrepreneur and a former nuclear submarine officer in the U.S. Navy. Who can you be vulnerable with, and have direct and open conversations about issues in your personal life? Not just talking, wasting time, looking at the clock – but LISTENING to others that DO have the courage to be vulnerable, that DO want to heal core issues, that know and understand that the core of their addiction is unresolved pain/trauma. Be careful to just go as far as you are comfortable. Toward the end of that tenth season in Triple-A’s, I finally made peace with the fact that I wasn’t going to make it. Then the real dialogue started. Instead of them giving their résumés, he wanted each of them to tell a personal story about a meaningful moment they’d had when they were players themselves. How many times when people have asked you the same question have you said the exact same thing, knowing full well that you were not good. He said, “Do you want to know why I took you out of the game?”, “Yes sir,” I said.

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