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abstract illustrators

“We loved his work instantly,” enthuses Karen Jane, design director at Wieden+Kennedy London. Find & Download Free Graphic Resources for Abstract Illustrator. “His images are filled with the kind of small details that give each different element of the illustration its own, strong personality.”. “Colour artwork, however, I do in either Photoshop with a Wacom board, or on an iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil and Procreate.”, Represented worldwide by Agent Pekka, his clients include The New Yorker, The New York Times, Wired, The Atlantic, The New York Observer and Cartoon Network. Represented by Jelly London, he eschews taking himself too seriously, in both life and work, and his honest yet playful illustrations have won him a roster of international clients, including Wieden+Kennedy, Razorfish, Studio Moross, Print Club London and Wired. “You have to love his big, bold lettering.”. Gaggiotti’s clients include foodie brands such as Jamie Oliver, Carluccio’s and Costa, as well as educational companies including Walker Books, Templar Publishing and Educational Insights. Giacomo Bagnara is an Italian illustrator who trained as an architect but ended up discovering a talent for editorial illustration, winning him clients such as Sony, The New Yorker, The New York Times, and Die Zeit. “I use scanning of textures, mark making, old photos, anything really,” he explains. Her style is a mixture of delicate line work and gentle textures; sometimes set off by calm, subtle hues, at other times juxtaposed with bold, punchy colours. He’s also won acclaim for his contribution to the 36 Days of Type project, which combines characters from the alphabet with famous celebrity images in a way that seems immediately iconic and familiar. But now I’m trying to tame the lion and bring it back into my work. “This is my visual culture, so we understand each other really well,” he explains. But there’s an underlying intelligence and thoughtfulness to it too, raising it about the norm and lending an air of understated sophistication to the brands who harness it. It’ll never come out exactly as planned, but I quite like that. “My work is created largely using wood engraving and lino cut, or digital work derived from these two methods; or a mixture of the two,” he explains. “Augmented reality plus large-scale murals, plus-large scale animated murals equals WIN,” he enthuses. Thousands of new illustrations added daily. “I also love working with magazines.”. Decur is an artist and illustrator from Santa Fe in Argentina whose children’s book-style art evoke times past while somehow remaining strikingly modern. Innovative London-based illustrator Insa is best known for his animated graffiti, which he calls ‘GIF-ITI’. Andrej Kiszling, design director of Owl Illustration, which represents her, describes Dino as a “super up-and-coming talent, characteristic with vivid semi-abstract style, really quite something new and fresh.”, French illustrator and animator Guillaume Kurkdjian won’t be a completely new face to regular Computer Arts readers. “The final stages involve scanning and composing in Photoshop.”, “Rosanna’s illustrations are full of elongated forms, natural settings, fascinating characters and subtle colour schemes,” says senior agent and associate director Juliette Lott at Illustration Web, which represents her. There’s a youthful flavour to her aesthetic, and she enjoys drawing attention to certain aspects of the female face – the eyes, lips and hair – using brighter colours and patterns. Creative Bloq is supported by its audience. Originally from Bratislava, Maldo – aka Martin Malacek – now lives in Prague, working for clients including Time Inc, Travel + Leisure, Surf Office and Festival de Cannes. Based in Chile, he was selected as part of 200 best illustrators in the world by Lurzer's Archive 2016/17. “We particularly like the still-life illustrations and the personality of the work – it has a great sense of colour and impact.”. Artists & Illustrators is Britain’s most popular magazine for practising artists, while also being equally relevant to professionals, aspiring amateurs or to those who paint purely for pleasure. It’s so uplifting and full of positive energy.”. “I love working with really bold colours,” she says. “Theme-wise, I like working with cool lifestyle brands; anything that’s connected to surfing, skate and urban culture,” Maldo explains. The world of illustration never stays still for long. “From the moment we announced we were representing Petra, we’ve had a phenomenal response and the enquiries haven’t stopped,” he says. “Over the last few months, Mark’s style has become increasingly popular with our clients,” says Alice Wilkinson of Meiklejohn Illustration, which represents him. Her cartoon-like illustrations are brimming with life and positivity, never fall into colour palette cliches, and often border on the surreal. “Most of them are up for trying some experimental things, and that’s what I really love to do.”. “My process combines traditional drawing, painting and model-making: lots of gouache paint, pencils, balsa wood and coloured paper,” she says. “There’s a confidence about her drawing, and some keen observations with her diary comics,” says course leader, Roderick Mills: “These are a great example of how illustrators can generate their own content alongside commercial commissions.”.

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