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1980 ferrari 308

This means there was a drop in power, down from 240 horsepower for the original version to 211 horsepower for European models and 202 for U.S. models. The only real difference between the 308 GTB/GTS and the later GTBi/GTSi is that the later cars had fuel injection in place of the four twin-choke, Weber carburetors. But, that too changed with the 308, a mid-engine, V-8 road car that ended up being such a massive success. Often considered to be the more reliable 308, the GTBi and GTSi were built in limited numbers before the model was replaced by the 308 Quattrovalvole in 1982. Engine has a sweet song although power is down compared to something like my C5 vette. He goes on to explain that these are exceptionally difficult to understand, as the manual was “translated from Italian to English by someone who spoke only Chinese.”. O’Rourke to compare it to the Millennium Falcon. De auto werd in 1980 geleverd en is niet gerestaureerd maar gewoon altijd goed onderhouden. Oct 3, 2020. Read More, Like a Jaguar and Alfa Romeo and Porsche 911, everyone enthusiast should own or have owned a Ferrari at some point. It’s interesting to note that 308 values have seen the same recent upward trend as many other Ferrari models, in spite of it still having a price in the lower five digits. Despite the difference in nomenclature, the 930 is essentially just a turbocharged version of the original 911. Wij zijn geneigd te zeggen dat een mooier exemplaar niet te vinden is. Color: White. Certified Pre-Owned: No. The Pininfarina-styled Ferrari 308 GTB was introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1975 as a supplement to the Bertone-shaped 2+2 Dino 308 GT4 and a direct replacement for the 2-seater Dino 246. This might sound good, but in reality, a lot of the fuel injection systems being introduced at this time weren’t very good, and were only added to comply with new U.S. emissions regulations. This brought the power back up to where it had been, and sales picked back up again. 1976 Ferrari 308 - GTB VetroResina Polyester. Complete with an extensive history file filled with invoices, receipts and other documentation, this 308 GTB is an outstanding example not to be missed. The styling was similar in many respects to the Countach, but was an easier car to drive, which certainly didn’t hurt. the sound is mindblowing, especially the spitting on deceleration... ahh man, every... Read More, I bought this car back in 2007. It has 64,800 miles on the clock and all EU import duties have been duly paid. Its gorgeous leather "EU interior" has a rather rare but beautiful red and black colour scheme. Well preserved and presented with just 42,500 km on the odometer at the time of cataloguing, it earned the coveted Platinum Award honors at the 26th Annual FCA Cavallino Classic in 2017. 24,677 mi. The design of the 308 was based closely on the design of the 308 GT4, a 2+2 using the same engine that debuted two years earlier, at the time still wearing a Dino badge. Read More, Absolutely wonderful, 24 years old yet out handles my boxster(which has the porsche handling kit fitted), the sound! A previously new and unused unit, bought from a Ferrari concessionaire, the engine has been run for at most 20 hours since the rebuild. Displaying all 1980 Ferrari 308 reviews reviews. Ferrari expert Marcel Massini confirmed the delivery details of this GT4, which is a non-catalyst, European Series II model and the 29th-to-last 308 GT4 built. Things would get better in ’82, when Ferrari launched the Quattrovalvole, a version of the fuel injected engine with four valves per cylinder. De originele toolkit en krik zijn nog bij de auto gebleven. On the plus side, the 308 and 328 are considered to be not only some of the most reliable Ferraris of all time, but also the last models that the owner could reasonably expect to perform regular maintenance on themselves. Sadly its gone now but it was the best car i ever owned. We are tempted to say that there is no finer example than this one. Sep 2, 2020. In fact, in competition, fuel injection systems had replaced the traditional stacks of carburettors and, as transferring racing experience to production cars has always been part of the Ferrari mission, adopting fuel injection systems was in line with this, helping indirectly to comply with new exhaust emission norms. A very pretty car and used to be great fun to drive before speed cameras and speed humps !!!!! All the maintenance is up to date and as Ferrari goes it is the less expensive to work on because of the era of car with no comp... It comes equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission, air conditioning, power windows, 4-wheel disc brakes, 5 spoke wheels, jack, and tool kit. The original tool kit and car jack have been preserved. Enzo also believed that the setup would be too difficult to drive, but the company’s engineers convinced him that it wouldn’t be, and the first Belinetta Boxer models hit dealerships in 1973. Aug 7, 2020. 196 Great Deals out of 6,169 listings starting at, 142 Great Deals out of 3,508 listings starting at, 476 Great Deals out of 19,095 listings starting at. Beginning in 1980, Ferrari would adapt Bosch Fuel Injection and electronic ignition, changing the 308’s name to the 308 GTBi and 308 GTSi. In 2009 or 2010, you probably could have picked one up in good condition for $10,000, but that’s over now. Highly practical and relatively easy to maintain, this Group 4 308 GTB is an enticing prospect for the Ferrari enthusiast intent on experiencing the thrills of historic sports car racing in events such as Modena Cento Ore or Tour Auto. The most important changes, however, were made to the engine. There is an unusually large number of gauges, switches and dials in the 308’s cockpit, which led to the journalist P.J. Returning to Furlonger for sale is this superb Ferrar 308 Group 4 Michelotto Recreation with Tour Auto eligibility, finished in Pioneer livery. As the all-new successor to the Dino-badged 246 GT/GTS, the Ferrari 308 GT4 debuted at Paris in 1973 as the first Ferrari road model with V-8 power. Valve covers removed, valve adjustment performed, new valve seals & gaskets, timing belts etc.New stainless steel fuel lines & carbon fibre air pl... Opvallend is het lederen "eu-interieur" in zwart/rood, een nogal zeldzame en prachtige combinatie. That, combined with the fact that this is a V-8 model, means that buying a 308 today doesn’t cost a whole lot, relatively speaking. This car looked sexy, and everyone looked at you. © 2020 CarGurus, Inc., All Rights Reserved. But, Enzo still held firm that Ferraris should have 12-cylinder engines, and when the idea came up to sell road-going versions of the six- and eight-cylinder Dino race cars, these weren’t allowed to wear Ferrari badges. It’s a very small car, and very low to the ground, just 44 inches tall. Discover the Ferrari 308 GTBi, the Gran Turismo model launched in 1980, powered by an engine of 2926.90 cc: the history of Ferrari's Garage. Completed February 14, 1980, it was delivered new to French Ferrari importer Automobiles … It was a car that would have been unthinkable for Ferrari just five years earlier, and if Ferrari engineers were going to convince Enzo to let them bend the rules, they had to make sure they were doing it for something really special. Interior is very basic, no luxuries here, and thats how a real sports car should be... no radio... who needs a radio when you can listen to the engine screaming !!!!! It’s one of those shining examples in the automotive industry where building a truly excellent car was also by far the best business decision. There was a targa version of the car available, and the GTS ,which generally sold much better than the GTB fixed-roof cars in nearly every version of the car that Ferrari built. Since completion, the Ferrari has participated in only a handful of events all in 2016: at the Costa Brava Rally, the Rally 2000 Virages (2nd position), and the Alp la Masella hill climb (1st position). Fast response and very helpful. De vorige eigenaar, ex commander van de US-Navy, bezocht vele concoursen met zijn auto en won prijzen en eervolle vermeldingen. In addition to the more powerful European-specification engine, features include power windows, air-conditioning, Becker Europa II radio, and rear seats. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. It makes the most amazing sounds and emits the smells th... The GTBi’s coachwork remained largely unchanged with respect to the 308 GTB, apart from a few modifications to the interior. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Find new and used 1980 Ferrari 308 Classics for sale by classic car dealers and private sellers near you. This isn’t so unusual except that the GT4 had been designed by Bertone, in itself highly usual at the time, and the 308 GTB two-seater was designed by Pininferina. In this case, the first two digits, 3-0, stood for the engine’s total displacement, while the 8 stood for the number of cylinders. That’s not to say that the 308 was uncomfortable, but it wasn’t all that well suited to long trips, unless you were really determined. CarGurus User. It has 64,800 miles on the clock and all EU import duties have been duly paid. The 308 was a fantastic car, and you can tell this is true by virtue of the fact that it had to be. Ferrari 308 GTSi (1980) - Ferrari 308 GTSi This spider version of the 308 GTBi shared both its line and engine. Sent inquiry in for vehicle, dealer had me submit paperwork while they were selling vehicle to … Read More, Most fun car I have ever owned. Description: Used 1980 Ferrari 308 for sale - $68,900 - 24,677 miles. It has also participated in track days at the Montmelo and Calafat circuits in Spain. the style & Perfo... The fuel injection system gave both models much smoother power delivery. $68,900. An improved version of the car, known as the 328, was sold all of the way up until 1989, and the 308 was also the basis for the 288 GTO, considered by many to be Ferrari’s first real supercar. 1976 Ferrari 308 - GTB VetroResina Polyester. It got the full service and everything on this car just works perfect. Ferrari 308 GTBi (1980) - Ferrari 308 GTBi The GTBi’s coachwork remained largely unchanged with respect to the 308 GTB, apart from a few modifications to the interior. 2017 Cavallino Classic Platinum Award Winner, Retains Matching-Numbers Engine per Delivery Details Provided by Ferrari Historian Marcel Massini, Front and Rear Independent Suspension with Coil Springs and Shock Absorbers. A quite superb 308 GTSi. Future models, particularly those with flat engines, would require the engine to be removed just to change the spark plugs, but this wasn’t so with the 308/328. The 308 had a long enough production life compared to span a couple of V-8 Lamborghini models, but the GTBi/GTSi was launched just ahead of the Jalpa.

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