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wildlife parks in nigeria

There is a large number of wildlife species, which includes both plants and animals. There are Kali hills inside the park and in the Oli River. It is situated in the eastern part of Taraba State and Adamawa to the Cameroun boundary. This website is your first help for getting to the national parks of Nigeria. The Yankari National Park may be the premier game reserve in Nigeria. There are 19 different mammal species and 177 bird species. It shares boundary with Takamanda Forest Reserve in the Republic of Cameroon to the east. Yankari National Park was formerly known as Yankari Games Reserve before it status was upgraded and name changed to Yankari National Park in 1991. Omo Forest Reserve lies within a tropical lowland rainforest and it has the most complex and productive vegetation type in… Read More » Cometonigeria June 5, 2011. Some of these primates have gone into extinction. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. The water is very clear around the dry season and a little muddy during the raining season, it's better to go during the dry season. number of rides for kids of different ages. It would be open to the public in 1972 by the then State Military Governor, Audu Bako. There are diverse animals like the lions and lionesses, elephants, different species of the dog and cat families, different bird species, giraffes, The experience is like real thing watching those animals on natgeo, Yankari game reserve is located at Bauchi state Nigeria, is the best reserve in Nigeria where you can go with your family and friends. The Kamuku Park is home to a lot of mammal species including the elephants, roan antelopes, duikers, hartebeest, baboons, warthog, bush-buck, patas monkeys, and green monkeys and at least 117 species of birds. Interestingly, the zoo can make boast of one hundred and fifty animals which include Lion, Zebra, Hippopotamus, Giraffes, Elephants, Hyenas, Ostrich, Antelopes, Camels and Goats. The park at Jos, often also called the Jesse Aruku Wildlife Park, is relatively small, covering just... Yankari National Park. Collectively they contain an abundant diversity of fauna like buffaloes, roan antelopes, chimpanzees, crocodiles, hippopotamuses, hyenas, giant forest hogs, lions and leopards, as well as flora. wildlife parks. The Cross River state national park is located in Cross River state, covering a total area of 4,000 km sq. Joshua Eicker has been writing since 2007. A common species in riverine forests in the south is Brachystegia eurycoma. The Cross River National Park was made from two existing forest reserves of Bashi-Okwango and Oban Forest Resveres. There are large numbers of wild African buffaloes, baboons, elephants. The reserve headquarters is incorporated in the Forest Rest Houses at Serti, around the main road between Bali and Mambilla Plateau. The federal government of Nigeria has been in search of a partnership with a foreign financier to develop eco-tourism within the park. function() { This national park of Nigeria is a wildlife hub with about 50 species of mammals living in it. GIVEAWAY: WIN 2 Itel S13 Android Devices Now!! Eicker obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English literature and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Australia. Founded in 1999, Kamuku is in the Kaduna State, the park is easily accessible thanks to the Kaduna International Airport situated close by. .hide-if-no-js { Hope you will enjoy this complete list of national parks and games reserve in Nigeria, do drop your comment after reading. It has a land mass of approximately 4,00km2. There are also tents and hotels where one can stay during their visit to the park.  =  I'm a writer, blogger, tech enthusiast and simply a Geek! There are eleven local governments, 10 of these local governments are from Oyo State and one is from Kwara State. The Kamuku National Park is located in Kaduna state and has a Sudan savanna climate. These rest houses provide self-catering accommodation in a fee. Lions are now and again spotted too, despite their natural cam­ouflage. 0 1,194 . The name of the park is being derived from the ancient city. The vegetation is a savannah woodland populated with a large variety of birds, as well as elephants, roan antelopes, mountain reedbucks, side stripped hyenas and jackals. This park is a home to numerous species of wildlifes. The park has three diverse sectors such as the Zugurma game reserve in the Southeast, a division of the Kainji Lake that there is a restriction of catching fish and the Borgu game reserve to the west of the lake. The doorway towards the park is about 15 km south of Serti. Yankari Park and Wikki Warm Springs can be found round the Gagi River, approximately 1 1/2 hours by road, southeast of Bauchi Town. This Plateau hosts some unusual types of birds and animals. It has a land mass of 2,512km2 and abundance variety of wildlife. Time limit is exhausted. Nigeria comes with an impressive eight national parks, including Kainji National Park,Cross River National Park, old Oyo National Park, Gashuti-Gumti National Park, Chad Basin National Park and Yankari National Park. Listening to the history of this historical beauty. You have entered an incorrect email address! Many rivers flow with the park, such as the Taraba, a significant tributary from the River Benue. There are evidence of early human habitation in this are such as Dukkey Wells, Marshall Caves, Tunga Dutse and Iron Smelting. That is the reason why local travel agencies are often reluctant to take you there, while others have their own agenda, favoring a lodge in a private reserve with insignificant forest or nature. 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Time limit is exhausted. It houses a wide range of animals like Lions, Chimpanzees, Giant Tortoises, Peafowls, Rock Python and more. after 4 hours and covering 10.3 km in 35.6 degrees heat at 674 m, we made it up to the seventh level and back down with a 30 -45 minute break. The park was initially called … This Park, in Kwara State, was established in 1979 and incorporates the Borgu Game Reserve and Zugurma Game Reserve towards the southeast in Niger State. It Includes part of the Hadejia-Nguru wetlands and the Sambisa Game Reserve. An … display: none !important; Kamuku National Park is located in Birnin Gwari, Kaduna State, and it has a total land area of 1121 sqkm… Read More » … of savanna woodland, and Zugurma cover a place of about 1,370 sq. Most of the land mass is tropical rainforests which are being found in the Northern and Central parts. The former was established in 1991 and the latter was established in 1988. It covers a park of Niger and Kwara state and has an area extent of 5340.82 kmsq. The park is located in the west of Kaduna State, adjacent to the Kwiambana Game Reserve to the north west and 14km away from main town. Zoom in to see updated info. Because visitors will be privileged to see a wide range of animals such as cheetah, giraffe, ostrich, zebra, and lion. The park is home to about 33 species of mammals including the African buffalo and the endangered African forest elephant as well as over 150 species of birds. Examples of animal species that can be found are elephants, chimpanzees, porcupines, river hogs, buffaloes, antelopes, and white-throated money. Nigeria presently has eight national parks, unlike the number in some African countries like Kenya and South Africa that have 52 and 56 games reserves respectively. Kamuku National Park is close to the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja). The second largest park can be found in … This is a listing of a few of the must see national parks in Nigeria: Wildlife in Nigeria with National Parks of Nigeria. The managerial head office of this park is situated in Oyo State. Making it more interesting for children to identify the animals with ease, are the names of animals that are displayed right on their cage. It’s the most ecologically diverse conservation area in the united states and possesses swaths of guinea savanna, gallery forest, moist forest, mountain forest and grassland. There you have it. Okomu National Park. Built in 1956, but opened to the public in 1957, the wildlife park of Jos is located along Miango road, Rantya area of Jos, Plateau State. Old Oyo National Park is extremely near to the border with Benin in western Nigeria and it is easier accessible from Lagos Airport terminal towards the south. Located along zoo road Kano, Audu Bako zoo is known to be one of the first zoos in Nigeria. Let’s take a look at the different best game reserves (national park) in Nigeria. The Bourgu sector from the park alone covers a place of about of 3,929 sq. It’s famous because of its unique rainforest vegetation which, based on conservation experts, is a few from the richest in Africa. Further north again, the countryside becomes savanna with scattered groups of trees. The reserve covers 2,058 sq. It’s very relaxing and something could possibly get from all of the hustle and bustle’ here. This can be a vast land of spectacular wilderness (6,000 sq. Sharing its name with the state, Cross River also was established in 1991 and has the highest tropical biodiversity in Africa. Submit your stories now via social or: Thank you! Feel free to let us know what you think. Top Nigeria Parks & Nature Attractions: See reviews and photos of parks, gardens & other nature attractions in Nigeria on Tripadvisor. Nigerian Infopedia is Nigeria's authoritative top quality information website that provides resourceful information about her culture, people and things associated with Nigerians. The park was initially called the Okomu Wildlife Sanctuary with a land mass of 1,082km2. Some of these include African bush elephant, olive baboon, patas monkey, Tantalus monkey, roan antelope, western hartebeest, West African lion, African buffalo, water-buck, bush-buck and hippopotamus. Nigeria has seven national parks in total (Chad Basin, Cross River, Gashaka Gumti, Kainji Lake, Kamuku, Old Oyo and Yankari), with the park at Yankari often regarded as the best of the bunch. There are thousands of zoos around the world, and Nigeria is one of the countries whose zoos contribute to the counting. Audu Bako zoo The second largest park can be found in the Niger and Kwara states. Nigeria has eight national parks and game reserves spread throughout the country. Interestingly, visitors can enjoy rides on Horses, Camel, and Donkeys. A few years ago, the zoos harboured various types of animal including reptiles, chimpanzees, elephants, tigers, lions, rhinos and leopards, as well as various species of monkeys. Many species of animals that live in the park have become extinct, because of encroaching that have been carried on the park.

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