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what are you doing in igbo

long bamboo frame for carrying load; stretcher for sick person, used in - tụ akpanị be bellicose, pugnacious, someone who can behave badly because he is protected at a higher level, lose voice {as a result of excessive straining of the voice from long speech or of a cold}, delight; appeal to; also specifically used to refer to practice by some children who gaze steadily at person eating or holding eatable thing which greatly appeals to them, soft palate; {more generally} roof of the mouth, cassava; cassava starch; fufu {raw and pounded}, raw fufu {sieved and ready for cooking. - Echie aphụpha - aphụpha, plant planted to enrich the soil {in the ịgbo agba enu area}, shrub the leaves of which are used in soup; Jew's Mallow {Yoruba ewedụ,eéyọ, ọọyọ}, Ọ ga-adị mgba arọ echi m jịlị bili n'ebe a, It will be a year tomorrow since I have been living here, ?The Chief of Nnoobi celebrates the Ọfala every year, state of being maimed or spiritually unclean, urgency; state of disquiet; sickness; pain, be of age, full, perfect, developed, headstrong, become used to; indulge in or be addicted to {of habit, condition, act, diet}; know body, Oyi ọbọdọ Oyịbo amalụgo ndi bị na ya arụ, ya melụ na ọda enye fa nsọgbu, The people who live in the United States or United Kingdom or Europe are already used to the cold there; that is why it does not worry them, adversity, distress; hardship; want; poverty, change bodily appearance {e.g. We start with greetings and introduction. Ị si na - You say that town and the women who marry into it. doctors. by setting the multiplier digit after the scale word (e.g. Ms. Frances Nkiru W. Pritchett & Nnanta C. Uwadineke, SPILCA (Society for Promoting Igbo Language and Culture, Inc., in America) Many people have written some form of Igbo Dictionary Book(s) in a manuscripts or electronic files but could not publish it. A collection of various objects is used, including human and animal teeth, cowries, seeds, coins, pieces of bone, seeds of certain plants. From experiences, the best and easiest way to learn the alphabets are to memorize or cram it in the following groups of given characters: It can be seen that the order here is strictly alphabetical, in that dotted letters follow their undotted counterparts translation from english to igbo igbo nigeria The title system varies from community to community, but except from different names, the hierarchy itself is in most cases the same. : Ebee ka ị nọ? {A ga m - I will;} Such is still its main intention. I ga-ahü ndï be m. You will meet my family. igbo english translation Town Union, responsible for development and organising social events of the community. This handshake starts with touching each other’s hand with the upper-side three times before shaking. With this name, the age grade will become part of the decision making process in the community and is seen as the protector of societal tradition and culture. Do you have a large family? Below we picked expressions that a new learner will find useful. - Anyï na-aga n’ime obodo. Google Translate now translates Igbo Nigerian language. Ee, eji m aka na ọga-abịa taa, Are you sure Chioma will come today? Here's how you say it. As in a ... m as in Yes, I am sure she will come today, join hands in doing something {in marriage}, be fond of pilfering, picking and stealing, dine; have meal; dine with {in invitation to a friend present during a meal}, stretch hands, fingers; crack the knuckles, take hand from; raise hand; abandon; leave alone, be distant, far, remote; be long {in time}, kind of bead worn round neck; necklace; bead worn on wrist by renowned men, male palace dwarf associated with Eze ṅri, stinge {person}; tight festted; mean (person}, pangolin, whose skin is used for medicine, Ọ bụlụ na nwoke afụ abịazie ebe a ọzọ anyị ga-eme ya akaje, If that man dares come here again we shall humiliate him, person {child} of stunted growth; underdeveloped person {child or young person}; dwarf {aka}. head paper}, Ọ bụlụ na ị bata ugbo m ọge ọzọ aga m agba gị akwụkwọ, If you dare trespass on my farm another time I shall prosecute you, Ị pụrọ ya; ma jee gbaa m# ọ bụlụ na ị nwelụ ike, You can't; just go and prosecute me if you can. Do you have water, electricity and a hospital here? Kwado Igbo foundation I love you; Igbo word for love; how to say I love you in igbo; I love you in igbo language; I love u in igbo; how to say my love in igbo ahuru m gi na-anya mgbe nile. War heroes are a separate category of titleholders, they can wear parrot’s plumes in their hats and are the only ones allowed to dance the war dance. Igbo dictionary will serve as the basis for even better, more accurate, and more comprehensive record of the Millions and billions are formed the same way as lower scale numbers, i.e. Welcome to African language - Ibo/Igbo people and Igbo culture. igbo to english translation by Nicholas Awde, editors Hippocrene Books (1999) English to Igbo dictionary of Igbo language will, therefore, never ever end. These village groups were ruled by a council of elder age grades, lineage heads and influential wealthy men. Will you guess how to write a number in full? Tens are form Ị si - You say/ You said/ if you say/ Did you say? One could be allowed to wear a red or black cap, to hold a walking stick, an elephant tusk, a horsetail or a fan of ram or cow skin, all dependent on the local customs and the rank of title. Yes, we have a hospital and electricity. I will bring you tomorrow to the village. How is your family? death of one's dear one; unnatural misfortune, e.g. {Onye m bu n'obi arapugo m welu naba, akwa alili egbue m - My sweet heart has left me and died, I am dying of a broken heart}, crying for food; greediness; lack of hospitality, a song {as in church or song of Solomon; mourning song}, cry very much, sob {kwa akwa - harder than}, native woven cloth, very thick, rough and coarse, mourning garment {usually of black cloth}; sackcloth, vein; sinew; muscle; fibres from raphia palm; rope made from them {also akwala ngwọ}, creeping plant in the bush, whose vines can be made into strings; A charm, made of the strings of akwalị or akwulu to increase fruitfulness {ọmụmụ}. stone or wooden pestle for pepper, egusi, herbs, etc. Age grades are formed by people born within three to five years from each other, and are a means to create a peer group, foster unity and responsibility, acting mainly as a socio-cultural institution. With the colonisation in the early part of the twentieth century, the British introduced a system based on ‘indirect rule’ in the north of Nigeria, leveraging the existing northern emir hierarchies. [], Le pays igbo du Nigeria Let’s move now to the practice of the numbering rules in Igbo. I love you forever ahuru m gi na-anya nke ukwu. gị - you/ to you anyi- we spirits of the dead of worthless people {see mmụọ}: He is possessed by the spirits of worthless people; Unambititious, easy-going, prodigal person, frog whose cry is a sign of the annual flood of the Niger, dry grass; grass for thatching; dry palm fronds, peeling or scraping of roasted yam; food burnt in cooking; dry yam plant {external stem which looks like rope and which when twined into a bundle resembles a sponge, sometimes used for hard scrubbing}, Chukwuma is very intelligent {or sensible}, food prepared from ground maize for feasts, strip iron used to strengthen a mud building and join timbers, grub such as found in compost heap or decaying palm tree, grub found on palm tree and in decaying palm tree trunk {palm tree grub}, living or dead palm fronds; long broom prepared from palm fronds, used for sweeping outside. as when feeling the temperature of a person with the hand}, lift up hands; take the hands off; desist from. by Françoise Ugochukwu, Peter Okafor, editors Karthala (2004) We are going to the village. Practise divination. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); when one comes; Following interrogatives are commonly used: The pronoun could be followed by ka or ihe in case the interrogative is not the sole subject of the sentence. outing, christening, etc.} In the olden days, the newly formed group had to prove themselves for maturity by defending the community against hostile neighbours or enemies. If you want to know how to say What are you going to do this week? in Igbo, you will find the translation here. or English Igbo dictionary translator. english to igbo translation The present Igbo dictionary is a much revised and expanded version of the English Igbo dictionary published by Kay Now that you’ve had a gist of the most useful numbers, let’s move to the writing rules for the tens, the compound numbers, and why not the hundreds, the thousands and beyond (if possible). head of tobacco; bunch of prepared tobacco leaves {usually black tobacco} counting 5 leaves in one head, exclamation of pleasure on meeting a friend after long separation, eye partly closed through disease or accident, disease of the eye; fierceness of aspect; jealousy; envy {fiery eyes}, The drug I took in the morning makes me dizzy, Don't let anything get in your eye, or, Don't let yourself be cheated, suffer greatly; see many tribulations; have hard experience, fix the eye on, persevere, be diligent {greeting to a departing friend}, be careful, warned, cautious, beware; take heed {clear way for sight}, behold; look {at}; gaze at; look after; mind, be bold, capable of withstanding hardship, courageous, refrain from doing something because of respect for someone present, disregard for status or presence; {in good sense} fairness in judgement; {in bad sense} disrespect, in the blink of an eyelid; in the twinkling of an eye, tame; beat very severely {beat till the eyes become soft}, be observant, watchful, careful; take notice of; watch {lay the eyes on the ground}, be plain, clear, obvious; stare one in the face; leap to the eye, Where the noise is coming from is far away, sunrise; East; the sun, regarded as a manifestation or son of Chukwu, the author of light and knowledge, Chee irụn'anyaanwụ, sịị "Anyaanwụ na Agbala", Face the sun, saying, "Sun and Agbala" {in sacrifice} {anya - eye + anwụ sunshine}, such a one, so and so {e.g.

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