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sausage party ending explained

How? What do you think? They all seem to be on board with the type of humor in Sausage Party, so continuing the joke in a live-action setting likely wouldn't be that complicated. Your email address will not be published. The Hollywood Reporter 277,535 views Wants to see the Snyder Cut. They've given up on the concept of the Gods, and the notion of an afterlife. If Sony gave them creative freedom, I could easily see Rogen and Evan Goldberg coming up with the further adventures of Frank and Brenda (Wiig) in the real world. The movie's ending sets up a possible direction for Sausage Party 2, and does so in a way that is actually VERY clever... though was that intentional? ... A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence. Stop reading now if you do not want to be spoiled on the ending of Sausage Party. 'Sausage Party' Voice Actors: The Faces Behind The R-Rated Foodie Film | THR - Duration: 1:54. Sausage Party 2016 BluRay 1080p Dirty party ending on Vimeo Rogen assembled a high-powered ensemble of hysterical comedians and actors for Sausage Party, from Kristen Wiig and Jonah Hill to Hader, Salma Hayek, Michael Cera and Nick Kroll. -- they could easily do a live-action story set in the "real" world that only uses some animation, so that Rogen and his co-stars could interact with their culinary counterparts. So, by the end of Sausage Party, the sentient food in the grocery store has fought back against the humans who were purchasing them and using them as, well, food. Movie junkie. Rogen's not opposed to sequels (see Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising), and he's often behind animated follow ups. This film, filled to the brim with sex and swearing, has been a real eye opener for me. He tries to explain to them that the gods are going to kill them and not take them to a Great Beyond. Sausage Party is a 2016 American-Canadian 3D adult animated comedy film directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan and written by Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg from a story by Rogen, Goldberg, and Jonah Hill.A parody of Disney and Pixar films, the film follows an anthropomorphic sausage who lives in a supermarket and discovers the truth about … Keep in mind that Firewater smokes a LOT of weed, so what he says needs to be taken with a grain of salt. How likely is this Sausage Party 2? Did The Bachelorette Already Go Too Far With Clare Crawley's Strip Dodgeball Game? And this ending may have set that up beautifully. Menu. If Sony wants to do Sausage Party 2 -- and given the studio's need for new franchises, why wouldn't they? Extroverted introvert. Relic: it’s coming from inside the house! Sausage Party didn't earn enough money at the weekend box office to dethrone Suicide Squad in its second weekend, but it did post the kind of dollars that get studio executives talking about a sequel. James Gunn And Mark Ruffalo Come To Chris Pratt's Defense After He's Called The Worst Chris, After Jeff Bridges Announces Cancer Diagnosis His Tron: Legacy Co-Star Olivia Wilde And Others Reach Out, Looks Like The Batman’s Time Setting Has Been Revealed, Enter For A Chance To Win CinemaBlend's Huge Horror Film Giveaway, 10 Great Movies Available On Plex Right Now, Seth Rogen Reveals Thoughts About Superbad 2 And Why He Thinks The Original Is Perfect, Seth Rogen Explains How Marvel Movies Have Changed The Comedy World, Seth Rogen Talks Whether Or Not He’d Be Comfortable On A Movie Set During The Era Of Covid, Why Seth Rogen Was Totally On Board With An American Pickle Going To HBO Max, For details on Gateway Blend's privacy and cookie policies, please visit our. But a live-action follow up would take far less time than the three to four years of production needed to bring an animated movie to the big screen. Movies. Infatuated with comic-book films. The animated adult comedy posted a healthy $33.6 million, good enough for Seth Rogen's 8th largest opening, but behind such mainstream hits as the Kung Fu Panda and Shrek series. My local supermarket is so posh that its version of Sausage Party would be like Downton Abbey, with a Duchy Originals organic egg from Prince Charles’s hens falling in love with a rather cheaper Waitrose Essentials white finger bun. Stop reading now if you do not want to be spoiled on the ending of Sausage Party. Resident dad. With this new knowledge tucked away, Gum (Scott Underwood) -- a Stephen Hawking-inspired wad of chewed up bubblegum -- explains that he has created a portal to the real world. It's a good question. Frank and his cohorts step through it, presumably to get revenge on the celebrities who are giving them voices. And More Squad Easter Eggs References and Cameos - Watchmen, Justice League And More Squad Ending Explained and Recap - Mother Box? We see images of Rogen and Norton, and Sausage Party becomes as meta as possible. Only, Firewater (Bill Hader) warns Frank (Seth Rogen) that they've only just scratched the surface of their current awareness. But he informs Frank and the rest of the food that they're actually cartoons, being manipulated and voiced by human celebrities such as Seth Rogen and Edward Norton. Say Your Prayers: Blessed are the filmmakers…, Investigating Enola Holmes: The Case Of The Overthinking Critic, The Devil All The Time: the devil is in the detail, Bill & Ted 3: no Eddie Van Halen but we do get Dave Grohl, She Dies Tomorrow: the meaning of life, and death. Log in. When Frank tries to use his newly acquired knowledge to rouse the rest of the supermarket’s inhabitants to act, they reject … Do you want to see Sausage Party 2? ReelBlend cohost. Managing Director at CinemaBlend. (Fair warning: Discussion of Sausage Party ’s ending follows.) However, in a downright brilliant move, the portal might allow Seth Rogen to come up with a funny follow up to Sausage Party 2 that hits theaters much faster than you might think. 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The First Fully Animated CGI Film Is As Raunchy As It Is Intelligent.Suicide Squad Deleted And Extended Scenes Squad Easter Eggs - Did Harley Quinn Kill Robin? Sausage Party neither looks nor sounds like a deep, existential movie at face value. Suicide Squad 2 Squad - Post Credits Scene Explained - Justice League? Squad - Movie Review League Trailer Reaction - Comic Con 2016 Woman Trailer Reaction - Comic Con 2016 Go - Best Worst And Funniest Moments Squad - Common As Monster T - Tattooed Man Origin Purge 3 Election Year Ending Explained - Purge 4 Ending Explained - Best Movie Ever? 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