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renault electric supercar price

Top Speed: 155 mph Torque: 773.5FT-LBS Electric supercars are damn-near silent, eliminating this issue entirely. While headway has obviously been made in the EV area since this car’s launch in early 2019, though it still generates some impressive figures with its four independent motors and 400V Lithium-ion battery — which make a combined 740hp — giving it the ability to clock 0-60mph runs in under four seconds. Two sets of 240hp motors powering the front and rear axles propel the animal-monikered machine to sub-four-second 0-60mph times while its 90kWh battery pack affords a 280-mile range on a single charge. Marrying a sporty driving experience with forward-thinking connectivity, the Renault TREZOR is packed with nods to classic racing vehicles, from its all-red interior with headrests that move automatically as if to invite you in, to its customizable touchscreen OLED cockpit interface. They are a combination of body, engine, technology and emotion that capture the attention of people across all walks of life. Price: $750,000 + Corvette Grand Sport Donor ($65,900). Top Speed: 200 mph Horsepower: 1,180HP Bestowed with an overall more practical air to it, this German-built auto boasts a 79.2kWh battery that allows for a range exceeding 250-miles. Horsepower: 900HP The vehicle boasts an unmistakably art-deco-inspired aesthetic while still sporting a few modern visual touches here and there. The content produced by this site is for entertainment purposes only. Horsepower: 1,006HP Top Speed: 155MPH So stay tuned for future development and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Medium. Yet, at the high end, these cars are off limits to everybody than the few one percenters who can afford to indulge. Horsepower: 1,914HP Prices haven’t been announced at the time of writing but as a guide, the current Renault Zoe range starts at £18,420 including the £3,500 government Plug-in Car Grant discount, plus mandatory battery hire of £49-89 per month for the 22kW battery or £59-110 per month for the Z.E. Among its many impressive credentials, the NIO EP9 stands out for its self-driving capabilities. add 11 fully-electric vehicles to the lineup by 2025, CleanTechnica member, supporter, or ambassador, Tesla Model 3 Leads September EV Surge In Italy As Market Triples Year On Year, Porsche Taycan Sales Popping — 10,944 Sales In 3 Quarters, Robert Scoble Talks Tesla, Self-Driving Tech, Robotaxis, & More On Mind Meld Podcast, Tesla Updates Across The Lineup, Surprising 3Q Sales — Tesla News Podcast, Up Close With The New 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid Pickup, Sorry, Coal: 66% Conversion Efficiency Eyeballed For Next-Gen "Hot Carrler" Perovskite Solar Cells, New US Fuel Cell Alliance Blows Dark Green Hydrogen Cloud Over Natural Gas, Don't Buy Tesla Solar Until You Read This Article — Solar Buying Guide, Next-Gen Energy Efficiency Tech Kills Carbon Capture Dream, CalSEED Awards $4.2 Million To Young Cleantech Companies, World’s Largest Solar PV Plant Connected To Grid With Help Of Huawei Smart PV Solution, 130+ Applications Submitted To AFSIA Solar Awards 2020, Iberdrola Developing Its 1st Solar–Wind Hybrid Plant In Australia. Torque: 1,696FT-LBS Electric cars are not a fad and they’re getting really interesting every day. It set the record for the fastest lap driven by an autonomous vehicle at the Circuit of Americas track, planting itself as a speed demon for the future. Horsepower: 590HP For drivers (Dads with kids) who want the exhilaration of a sports car but prefer ample rear seat passenger room, sports sedans are a popular choices, with cars like the BMW M3 or AMG C63 on top of most people’s list. Elon Musk and Tesla made headlines when they unveiled the latest version of the American-made Tesla Roadster. Price: €114,000 Hybrid sports cars are becoming more impressive vehicles every time a new one is announced. Then you need a fast estate car that has hypercar rivaling speed. Top Speed: 155 mph Year: TBD Horsepower: N/A Range: 205 miles Furnished with a luxurious interior courtesy of Pioneer and Protrim. The first automotive offerings unveiled after the Spanish marque was revived by descendants of Damián Mateu (the cofounder of Hispano Suiza), the Carmen is a fascinating blend of old and new. The Dacia Spring will take on electric city car rivals like the SEAT Mii Electric with a sub-£20,000 asking price 15 Oct 2020 New Audi RS e-tron GT electric supercar to boast around 700bhp Range: 100–125 miles Need the ultimate combination of space and room? Sign up for our free daily newsletter or weekly newsletter to never miss a story. They truly grew in popularity during the mid-1990s. Torque: 1,092FT-LBS The one percenters. The vehicle is adorned in incredibly unique all carbon fiber bodywork that the company calls a “Protocellcarbon tub.”, Top Speed: 200MPH+ What the Cabrio lacks in speed — topping out at 155 mph — it makes up for in elegance. Fast estate cars deliver a mouth-watering combination of a powerful engine up front with a huge boot out back, making these cars among the best all-rounders money can buy. We’ve assembled the list of the 50 most expensive cars in the world. 0–62 mph: 4.4 seconds. The sporty yet plush cockpit boasts the latest and greatest in high tech displays and instrumentation, while outside the E-Tron has a sleek and futuristic design that’s still readily identifiable as being part of the iconic Audi family. Torque: 1,328FT-LBS At the heart of the beautifully-designed machine was a liquid-cooled 120kWh Lithium-ion battery paired with electric motors and a torque vectoring system that allowed for sub-two-second 0-60mph times, 186mph speeds in just 12 seconds, and top speeds of just under 220mph. Price: $540,000. SUVs harnesses utility attributes and powerful engine performance. This car is made to dominate the track, producing 24,000 newtons of downforce at 150 mph. Top Speed: 250MPH+ Based on the pedigree and performance of its existing cars, you can expect Aston Martin’s inaugural e-supercar to be impressive, but with help from the crack team at Williams Advanced Engineering, you can expect the world. Top Speed: 217MPH BMW has previously announced plans to add 11 fully-electric vehicles to the lineup by 2025, and an i8 roadster has been announced for 2018, so watch this space. Traditionally, SUVs were built on truck frames, though more recently they are built more like cars. Range Rover, Porsche and BMW have been in the SUV game for years. Top Speed: 155MPH (Limited) However, electric supercar concept vehicles show that the electric engine is going mainstream. We culled the list to remove special editions and slight variants. 0–62 mph: <4 seconds. Torque: 718FT-LBS 0–62 mph: <4 seconds. Current wishlist includes Porsche 911 GT3 Touring, Ferrari 458 Speciale and Pagani Zonda (any). Torque: 1,696FT-LBS Published on October 2nd, 2017 | Even so, several names show up on the list a lot. Price: N/A. Well, they do. Something of a cross between a hypercar and a sporty SUV, the Italian-designed GFG Style Kangaroo is a bonafide hypercar with genuine off-road capabilities. There’s also a very well-appointed interior that includes a 10.9” infotainment setup. An LED light signature and rear door handles concealed in the window frame underline its strong, unanimously acclaimed design.

Moroccan Rfissa Recipe, Just Like The Old Times Lyrics, Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator Movie Netflix, Is Bill Cosby Still Married, Lexus Toyota Indonesia, How Old Is Lawrence Hilton-jacobs, Jeff Beck - Truth, Lexus Lc 500 Price 2019,