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natural born killaz new jack

Alfonso comes in and threatens Beulah with a chair. The brawl continues as we pass 12 minutes. Date: 1996, August 24 Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Attendance: 1,400 ECW European Junior Heavyweight Championship Match Little Guido vs. Mikey Whipwreck (c) Doug Furnas vs. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Sandman chokes Douglas with the chain. It’s only a matter of time however before he spends every match doing nothing but pointing to himself and rolling around on the ground. These guys are all over each other with stiff shots. After a few minutes Mikey begins to mount a come back. Van Dam is stretchered out. The heels all pose in the ring over the carnage they left. Mikey tries to jump on Big Guido with a frankensteiner but he catches him and puts him on the apron. Format * Quantity: Add to a new shopping list. Sandman canes her in the back of the skull and kills her. Buh Buh and Dick hit the ring and the fight is on. Pump handle fall away slam for 2 by Kronus. Van Dam climbs back on the apron and Furnas charges and sends him flying into the crowd. List of FMW supercards and pay-per-view events, List of Global Force Wrestling events and specials, List of Impact Wrestling pay-per-view events, List of National Wrestling Alliance pay-per-view events, List of NWA/WCW closed-circuit events and pay-per-view events, List of Ring of Honor pay-per-view events, List of Smokey Mountain Wrestling supercard events, List of World Class Championship Wrestling Supercard events, List of WWE pay-per-view and WWE Network events, List of ECW, WCW and WWE pay-per-view events on the WWE Network,, Extreme Championship Wrestling supercards and pay-per-view events, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 October 2020, at 18:39. There’s like five or six. Tommy then leans a table on the bottom rope and baseball slides it all into Team Taz he baseball slides Alfonso. Van Dam with a double leg drop from the top rope for 2. ECW Presents “Natural Born Killaz” 1996-08-24 at ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA, Champions Gordy blocks a chokeslam with a low blow. That almost looked like Big Guido bitched out on the move. Butterfly suplex by Mustafa onto Saturn. He offers Spicolli Alexandra, I guess it’s kind of signing bonus. Gordy comes back with a clothesline of his own and they brawl into the crowd. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Douglas gets between them and throws up the triple threat signal to them and they calm down and leave. I think we are watching….. Saturn goes to the tope of the cage and Jack again throws the garbage can him this time knocking him off the cage through a table to the floor. From June 1993 to August 1994, events were promoted under the Eastern Championship Wrestling banner; from August 1994 to January 2001, the Extreme Championship Wrestling banner was used. Rob Van Dam Devon Storm vs. Louie Spicolli D-Von Dudley and Axl Rotten vs. Van Dam hops up and kicks the chair into Furnas’ face and covers him for the win in 13.06. Buh Buh goes for a leg drop off the apron through a table but D-Von moves. Mikey over leaps Big Guido on a frankensteiner attempt and crashes to the floor allowing Little Guido to gain the advantage. It was originally intended for the scrapped album Heltah Skeltah. Smith and Guido talk outside and Mikey planchas onto them. Tyler reaches his hand out for the cane. Urinagi on the ref and Taz props a table up in the corner. Sandman says he does have his life though and that he is the King of Extreme and if World Champion Raven and Douglas want his life they can come get it. Lee then puts him in the spike. About 15 seconds of that was during the Taz promo. Terry Gordy comes to save her but the Eliminators follow him and give him Total Elimination. New Jack entered pro wrestling as part of a stable in Smoky Mountain Wrestling known as The Gangstas. They quickly come to blows and we get the bell. I thought this show was really good. However with D-Von not getting pinned I think it’s a safe bet that this feud will continue you. New Jack was born in Greensboro, North Carolina in January 1963. Brian Lee now hits the ring and puts Gordy in the Asiatic spike. He is pretty sad because he has no wife, no kid, no manager and worst of all no partner because TV Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas put the Pitbull in the hospital last night. There are 4 guys in black hoods with weapons in each corner on the outside of the ring. Buh Buh splashes D-Von through a table. New Jack calls for another weapon and the masked man climbs the cage to hand him a guitar. Dreamer comes out and they go nose to nose. New Jack gets a garbage can from one of the guys in the corner and jumps off the top rope and smashes it into Kronus’ head. Featuring...Ice Cube is a compilation album released by Ice Cube in 1997. Missy Hyatt, Sandman, Lori Fullington, Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie and Super Nova are all in the ring. The winners celebrate their victory in the ring. Mikey kicks Guido into the crowd and goes up top. Van Dam misses a spin kick and Furnas throws him over head with a belly to belly suplex. New Jack comes off the top with a key board but gets drop kicked. Saturn off the top of the cage with an elbow onto Jack for 2. Gordy locks on the Asiatic spike and gets the pin in 5.13. He is known for his hardcore wrestling style and having his theme music "Natural Born Killaz" by … Pitbull 2 with a full nelson on Douglas. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. CAGEMATCH » Events Database » ECW Natural Born Killaz. Sandman pulls Raven by the chain out of the ring. Hack Meyers shows up and gets in a few shots before getting t-boned and hit with total elimination. Featuring...Ice Cube is a compilation album released by Ice Cube in 1997. The Eliminators (John Kronus and Perry Saturn) September 13, 1996: Unlucky Lottery: Flagstaff Ballroom: Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania: Rob Van Dam vs. Sabu: September 14, 1996: When Worlds Collide: ECW Arena: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Buh Buh Ray Dudley comes out and gets very little offense before Lee grabs and chokeslams him. Van Dam does the slingshot leg drop with the chair on Furnas’ face. Buh Buh climbs all the way up to the top stage and then on top of a speaker and dives to the stage below with a cross body onto everyone including his partner. Stevie Richards is next and he talks about the sexual harassment law suit. Buh Buh is all over D-Von while Big Dick beats on Axl. The last two matches were some nice bloody battles although Saturn should have stopped jumping off the top of the cage after the 500th time as it lost all of its cool factor by then. Taz grabs a chair but the ref wanted to stop the damage to Dreamer takes it away. Chair to the back and into the rail again goes Dreamer. Double Dog Collar Match: World Champion Raven & TV Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas (w/Lori & Tyler Fullington, Blue Meanie, Nova, Richards, Douglas & Francine) vs. Sandman, ref Jim Molineaux He obliges and the fans pop HUGE. Sandman holds Douglas but Douglas moves and Pitbull 2 hits Sandman with the chain.

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