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Winning the Preakness certainly won’t hurt Authentic’s value as a stallion, but a second Triple Crown victory is unlikely to drive it up in a meaningful way either. Copyright © 2020 Sportico Media, LLC. I am also a member of myracehorse.com.

While most MyRaceHorse shareholders “chalk up [their investment] to the experience of seeing what it’s like to own a racehorse,” the site is securities compliant, meaning fractional owners who get into “a horse that becomes a star can [legally] participate in the returns,” Behrens said. I do think their horses are pretty overpriced though, especially when compared to Wasabi. I really loved my experience through Little Red Feather as well, but I don't live in California so it's near impossible for me to participate in person. None. Cot Campbell (Dogwood Stable) introduced the first racehorse partnership in 1973, and as Paulick noted, ‘racing clubs’ have become “very, very successful in Japan” in recent years. I've been involved in several different affordable partnerships, including the Little Red Feather crowdfunding partnership, Nexus Racing Club, the People's Horse, and a group called TBSX (although TBSX ended up being absolutely terrible). I want to second the recommendation of Wasabi Ventures Stables!

The majority of horses lose a lot of money, and because the delta [between winners and losers] is so high, it is hard to classify [racehorse ownership] as an alternative asset class.” For that reason, MyRaceHorse has been careful to position its product as one people purchase because they love the sport and want to get closer to it (think: behind the scenes looks/access)—not because they’re likely to see a ROI. Financial statements for all of the horses are updated through the app on a monthly basis or so. Jeenah Moon/The New York Times. On race day they do raffles for their horses and they give away paddock passes. I don't intend to re-up my membership this year (which is just $50/yr after year 1, which is $100) just because I don't feel like I get much of a benefit living in the Mid-Atlantic. The managing partner retains at leat 20% of all horses. So it's easier to take advantage of that if you are close to the track. “There’s probably more downside in running in the Preakness than there is upside [for him]. Club members met up at Pimlico on Black Eyed Susan day, and there was a club horse running. I’ve been considering Wasabi Ventures. I won't add too much more about Wasabi, since /u/wd011 covered it pretty well, but the Slack channels are very active and I've become friends with a lot of different people through the group. Copyright 2020 Racing Australia Limited (ACN 105 994 330) (and other parties working with it) While most MyRaceHorse shareholders “chalk up [their investment] to the experience of seeing what it’s like to own a racehorse,” the site is securities compliant, meaning fractional owners who get into “a horse that becomes a star can [legally] participate in the returns,” Behrens said. The online marketplace has democratized ownership within the sport of kings and given the average fan an opportunity to participate in the sport beyond placing bets in the grandstand (shares worth .001% were sold for $206).

Behrens explained, “[The business is] like ridiculously risky VC. I'm sure when the horse runs everyone gets together. The official horse racing community of Reddit. All Rights reserved.

Send us a tip using our anonymous form. How involved are you with your horse? The athlete collective is among 5,300 micro-owners that bought shares in the Kentucky Derby winner through MyRaceHorse.com, which owns 12.5% of Authentic. He's even invited members to join him and the rest of his team while they inspect horses at the auctions. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. When a horse retires or is claimed away, all their bills are settled, and if his earnings exceed his expenses, then profit is distributed to each co-owner base on their % share. Plan is to race her there at 2 and ship her to CA at 3. Nexus Racing Club seems great if you live in Kentucky or New York, but otherwise it's pretty lacking in terms of communication. Those that bought into Authentic should see a positive ROI long-term, but they won’t get a cut of last month’s Kentucky Derby purse (nor any portion of the $1 million at stake this weekend at Pimlico). While the experiential component of racehorse ownership drives the MyRaceHorse model, it’s also responsible for upsetting the risk-reward balance on the platform, which makes reaching profitability a challenge. The great thing about Wasabi is that you can also do broodmare partnerships in addition to racing partnerships, which not many syndicates offer. How much contact do you have with other owners? Whatever they decide to do I would be happy with.

They update almost exclusively through email, which has its pros and cons for sure.

The Breeders’ Cup Classic is for horses three and older. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I can't say I have had the opportunity to say I own part of a horse that races in a completely different country.

Thanks for this review. There were also events (and purchases) at the recent 2 year old auction in Timonium, and I think there is one (club meetup) soon at Penn National. With MyRacehorse, 15 percent of the offering of a horse goes to the company upfront. Have you made any money/how do payouts work? “To date, Authentic has only run against horses in his own age group. Question, when everything is settled at the horses retirement do you owe money if the horse lost money in its career? That’s because, as Behrens explained, MyRaceHorse “purchased [Authentic in June 2020] after he had already proven to be a good horse.” The company (along with Spendthrift Farms) paid $15.2 million in a deal that also included bonuses for the original owner if the horse won big races (like $9 million for the Derby). Most co-owners interact online (some daily) through the club's Slack channel and live webinars (usually at least 1 a month). You go in on 100 companies knowing 99 won’t do well, but maybe you get Uber, and it pays for the whole portfolio.” At $300,000 per horse—the price Authentic was bought for as a foal—an investor needs tens of millions of dollars to have the mathematical odds of turning a profit in their favor. New McClelland National Small Sculpture Awards support artists, Sous Les Etoiles Gallery presents a new series from American photographer Barry Underwood. I am a co-owner in Wasabi Ventures Stables. We buy to capture the excitement of winning,” Behrens explained. The managing partner also puts great emphasis on transparency and education. Hopefully it works. So it's easier to take advantage of that if you are close to the track. ... and that could dampen returns or make it … The cool thing I haven't seen added and I neglected to write in my last post was you get to suggest names for their unnamed 2 year olds and then if you get 1 vote for every 0.5% if you own the horse. Behrens suggested the horse’s Run for the Roses “probably doubled his value. Portfolio Of An Artist: Why You Need One? I have no say in anything they do and I'm okay with that. UFC Training Center Sees Revenue in Chinese Olympians and Pro Athletes, Pro Sports Teams Haven’t Made for Good Public Companies, But SPAC Principals Remain Undeterred, Rally Democratizes Ownership of Rare Collectibles, But Investors Solely Focused on ROI Should Avoid, MLB Postseason Pitch Counts Continue to Decline Amid Strategy Changes: Data Viz, UFC Leaving Short-Term Money on Table With Early Start For Khabib Megafight, NFL Turns to Digital Influencers in Fight to Win Over Young Fans, Tom Brady’s Business Empire Expands With IMG, Fanatics Partnerships, NY Eyes Mobile Betting by Super Bowl as NJ Sets Wagering Records.

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