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history of trolling

Rhetoric is a term frequently used in popular culture as a way to dismiss a person’s words/thoughts. Digital spaces give trolls an ability to maintain anonymity and a wider audience than they ever had access before. Are there any aspects of a Trickster that differs from a troll? Podcasts. Can you remember the last time somebody trolled you? Trickster is the creative idiot, therefore, the wise fool, the gray-haired baby, the cross-dresser, the speaker of sacred profanities. But describing all problematic online behaviors as trolling and all online aggressors as trolls is a bad idea. There should be some mention of this. They’ll be arguing sticks vs. stones after world war 3. Amazing article! 2nd ed., edited by Patricia Bizzell and Bruce Herzberg, Bedford/St.Martin’s, 2001, pp. Trickster Makes This World. But equally important, if we do let the internet trolls point the way ahead, we must consider, as the Sophists did, what other alternatives exist beyond the borders that trolls make readily apparent.”. Dennis and Patrick debate and discuss the Donald Trump and the Election of 1912 in regards to the American obsession with trolling. We were at it for an hour or two and I “won” [insert internet arguing, special olympics pic here] No idea what we were bitching about though. Considering the context of how Plato sets the dialogue within Phaedrus up between Socrates and a young man named Phaedrus that Socrates appears to be enamored by, the purpose of this dialogue is deeply deceptive, using this meditation upon purity and love as a possible way to seduce Phaedrus without Socrates necessarily having a sincere desire to care for him beyond immediate pleasure. He sends these emails for his own enjoyment, to exercise his wit, but he has a moral purpose informing his actions. Guest curated by Whitney Phillips. Through mythology, we may see the Trickster either as a prototype of the troll figure or a specific kind of troll whose charisma and wit transforms the troll into an object of worship or emulation. I was very close to consulting a lawyer and getting an injunction as it was becoming very creepy and threatening. If a target walked away feeling trolled, then trolling had indeed been afoot. However, the anonymity afforded by the Internet has attracted a small antisocial minority who use social networking as a way to target and abuse others. The community also recognised that gentle humour at the expense of other users was perfectly acceptable, but that outright hostility and being personally offensive was inappropriate. It’s especially fun with those posters who will write an essay in response to a single provocative line. Journalism and the Politics of Character Assassination. 138-168. Wouldn’t change things. Of the different realms in which the art of trolling takes place, the arts may be most insidiously affected because of how difficult it can be to identify fraudulent artistry—essentially a work of art whose merit is unearned on a formal level, but is still earned through some intentionally deceptive means (like a conceptual artist whose explanations of his or her art are so purposefully dense and opaque that even professional critics would be fooled into thinking that the artist was brilliant) or unintentionally (an artist whose work is created haphazardly and doesn’t reflect technical achievement or conceptual brilliance, but somehow happens to look like it does). Trolling is (or was) understood to be the art of saying things (that you don’t personally believe in) that are outrageous to some subset of others, in order to provoke an impassioned response. Unfortunately, Trolls are as necessary a part of the online ecosystem as mosquitoes are to your backyard. Abuse isn’t always about the intent to abuse somebody, it can be the result of somebody thinking that harassing a stranger with their inflammatory comments about serious topics of discussion is a good laugh. Compartmentalizing bigoted speech and behavior within some poorly-defined online non-category—“trolling”—that somehow manages to subsume every unpleasant interaction on the internet while establishing a clear demarcation between the “them” who trolls and the “us” who does not only obscures that fact, and precludes serious conversations about systemic harassment and bigotry. satire. Trolling is a phenomenon that has swept across websites in recent years. His primary concern is only to outwit the scammers and to use their rhetoric against them in a playful fashion. where? So when they arrive in presence of their judge… Rhadamanthus sets before him and surveys the soul of each… he perceives the utter unhealthiness of his soul, striped all over with the scourge, and a mass of wounds, the work of perjuries and injustice; where every act has left its smirch upon his soul, where all is awry through falsehood and imposture, where all is awry through falsehood and imposture… Beholding this he [Rhadamanthus] sends it [the soul] away in dishonor straight to the place of custody, where on its arrival it is to endure sufferings that are fitting. In this context, a ‘troll’ is the fisherman trying to catch fish in this way. If it’s all the trolls’ fault, in other words, if they are the clearly aberrant bad guys, then we don’t have to think about how our actions feed into and are fed by the same prejudices that give rise to these kinds of aggressive behaviors—namely racism, classism, sexism, and trans- and homophobia, to name a few. Written by Alexandra James, a blogger on social media trends. Sometimes, as appears to be case with our trio of philosophers, these Tricksters have their own political reasons for their individual acts of trolling, such as Hermes’s desire to evade trouble with Apollo, Papa Legba with his desire to get revenge on his mother, Loki with his disdain for the Aesir, or Monkey’s need to protect his subjects from the monster that is terrorizing them.

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