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fiat 500e review

Further, space under the hatch is reduced to a tiny 7 cubic feet. Those full LED headlights that bi-sect the clamshell bonnet are the most striking new feature, but there are plenty of neat touches including protruding ‘torpedo’ side indicators that hark back to the iconic 1957 Fiat 500. But has Fiat managed to keep the cheerful character and desirability of its predecessor? And if that doesn’t sell, we are forced to wonder what will. The little Fiat has a range of 87 miles per charge. How does it stack up? Until I remembered what I had parked in the garage: a 2015 Fiat 500e. By Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The actual transaction price depends on many variables from dealer inventory to bargaining skills, so this figure is an approximation. Which could go some way to justifying the price. The NHTSA gave the non-electric 2016 Fiat 500 a four-star overall safety score (out of a possible five stars). Some trips you win, some trips you lose. By As someone who is constantly cold, these are not the satisfying bun-steamers I was hoping for. Frankly, with many people using their smartphones for navigation, it's a wonder Fiat still includes this feature. That’s resulted in more room inside, which is great news since the ICE 500 (which we’ll refrain from calling the Old 500) is far from commodious, even by small car standards. However, ride quality is merely acceptable since there's not much damping. It’s said to increase potential range and efficiency by up to 30 per cent, with Fiat reckoning that in extreme circumstances you could get 290 miles from the 500 in Sherpa mode (when air-con, power and top-speed are all limited). At least the 360-degree parking camera that la Prima models get goes some way to helping out with visibility. The peppy electric motor makes it a hoot to drive in the city and makes it complacent on the highway as well. The 500e doesn't have the capability to charge at a level three fast charger, which enables some of its rivals to replenish their battery power back up to 80 percent in 30 minutes. Fiat's voice-activated Blue and Me system lets you pair your phone for hands-free calls and audio streaming. Two phones can be linked simultaneously, and other standard features include TomTom satnav, Bluetooth, USB connections, wireless phone charging and over-the-air map updates. Get today's most important stories delivered to your inbox. Its drivetrain may be cutting-edge, but the cabin electronics, metal ignition key, and handbrake make the Honda Fit EV look old. As with most EVs, though, its range limits where you can go. There is also a rear diffuser and a few 500e badges. The 500e comes with a TomTom navigational system that plugs into the dash. The hard tires do take a bit of fun out of the 500e, but allow for better efficiency. The systems we used weren’t the finished article, so we’ll refrain from delivering a formal verdict – but it is safe to say that, prototype or not, this system is the Millennium Falcon to the older 500’s bi-plane. Although the car may tell you one thing, real-world range depends on how you drive, and it's hard not to mash the accelerator of the 500e to push all the 147 pound-feet of torque to the front wheels. Jeremy White, By Thank You. The boot space (in the convertible, particularly) is very limiting, too, even if it does have underfloor space for one or other of the standard Type 2 and three-pin domestic charging cables – you won’t get both under there. Our test car came with the optional eSport package, giving us black-trimmed lights, orange mirror caps, orange accented wheels and some nifty side striping. Here’s how to concentrate when working from home, Across London havoc is being caused by illegal Airbnb nightclubs, If you started running during lockdown these are the best running shoes in 2020, Listen to The WIRED Podcast, the week in science, technology and culture, delivered every Friday, Follow WIRED on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. I would imagine most folks would forgo carrying passengers and keep the rear seats folded down to permit more than three times the utility. Rear passengers will be cramped with 4 inches less legroom than in other 500 models, due to the placement of the battery. Charging the 500e takes around four hours bring the battery up to 100 percent using a 240-volt level two charger. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Sure, it’s unlikely to win favours with those who carry rear passengers (even children) very regularly, since the back seats are pretty cramped. One 11-mile trip home dropped my range only 3 miles, but the reverse, in similar traffic, took a whole 36 miles off the meter. And the Fiat’s got a good chance of mopping up a lot of sales from both ends of that spectrum, going on the evidence of our Italian pre-production experience. Honda Fit EV's amenities belie efficient, electric drivetrain. Normal offers a very mild regenerative braking setting that is barely noticeable and lets the New 500 glide quite freely off the throttle. The short wheelbase and quick steering ratio make for nimble handling, and the ride is soft enough to battle the mean city pavement. So you can charge at the coffee shop for 30 minutes, then again while at work with no reduction in battery life. Welcome to WIRED UK. That results in a te to 80 per cent top-up in around 35 minutes if you can find a CCS ultra-rapid charging station of 100kW or more, or around 30 miles of range added in five minutes. The 2015 Fiat 500e gives eco-chic some Italian flair. Our main issue with the way the New 500 drives is its ride comfort. TRIAL OFFER: 3 Issues for £1. Due to the stiffer suspension setup used to accommodate the 500e's heavier curb weight, the car doesn't have much body roll and handles relatively well, even on twisty roads, thanks to it having better weight balance. The 2015 Fiat 500e has enough juice for most people's daily commutes, and it evokes high style rather than polarizing design. At 5-foot-9 I didn't have a problem, but those over 6 feet should probably opt out of the window in the top. The use of hard plastics throughout the interior makes the cabin lean toward econo-box, but the visual of the black-and-orange interior make up for the cheapness of materials. The latest 500 is a ground-up new model, complete with a pure-electric powertrain and a 199-mile range. The 500e comes as a single well-equipped package with plenty of standard features including a seven-inch TFT display unique to it, a USB port, Fiat-Chrysler's UConnect infotainment system with a five-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, voice command, navigation, and two-tone interior upholstery. Tesla’s Model S Plaid wasn’t the biggest Battery Day announcement, Audi e-tron Sportback 55 quattro S Line review: a flashy EV light show, The iPhone 16 could be powered by nuclear waste diamond batteries, The best electric cars you can buy in 2020, Lucid Air is a 500-mile range Tesla rival that charges in just minutes, Why the £24,400 Mini Electric will be next year's hottest electric car, Apple's new iPad Air and iPad mini make space for its Netflix rival, The most exciting new electric cars from the Geneva Motor Show, Audi's new SUV electric concept has Blade Runner-style drones as a light system, how to concentrate when working from home. The ‘My Remote’ app also allows you to control your charging and nav route from your phone. Those interested in going electric without sacrificing style could also look at the Kia Soul EV. Until battery chargers are as ubiquitous, and as fast as gas stations, range will still be paramount in consumers' minds when buying an EV. If the car is plugged in, you can preheat or cool the cabin using grid power, and even delay charging to off-peak times. © 2020 MotorTrend | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. Can’t focus? Now 13 years old, it has sold more than two million cars globally. The new underpinnings have grown a bit compared to the existing 500, which will continue to be sold alongside the New 500, offering a petrol alternative to the electric version for the foreseeable future. Tech in the cabin is pretty minimal. The 500e's estimated range compared to its actual range deviated wildly during my week with the car. Please refresh and try again. The way the New 500 drives has also been refreshed. Fortunately, the battery life is not reduced if you charge from mid-full battery. Charging the Fiat 500e is simple. Wait a few months more into 2021 and lower spec versions of the New 500 will start to arrive, potentially bringing prices down as low as £22,000 – although this could be for a smaller battery, lower range version if the knowing smiles of the Fiat executives were anything to go by as they suggested we “wait until October”, when asked about smaller battery variants. Alistair Charlton, By Rear-seat passengers and utility both suffer a lack of space due to battery placement. After a quick math check I realized I could easily make it to Oakland, home, and back to CNET the next morning with miles to spare.

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