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family in nigerian language

Mande is represented by the Busa cluster and Kyenga in the northwest. Pidgin English is also a native language to a certain 5 million people living in the Niger Delta region. Years back, there was a rising alarm about how the language is going extinct as a result of the decline in the Edo speaking homes. Putting the right statistics together, it wouldn’t be wrong to say the Nigerian pidgin is in fact the most popular language after English. Kanuri belongs to the Nilo-Saharan family of languages, found majorly in Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria. The Adamawa–Ubangian languages are spoken between central Nigeria and the Central African Republic. Nigeria also has several as-yet unclassified languages, such as Centúúm, which may represent a relic of an even greater diversity prior to the spread of the current language families.[6]. The language has been under the influence of the Bini, Portuguese and English languages due to centuries of interaction with people from those nations. Previously, we shared an article on how many languages are spoken in Nigeria today. Other well-known Chadic languages include Mupun, Ngas, Goemai, Mwaghavul, Bole, Ngizim, Bade and Bachama. Approximately 2 million people speak Izon which belongs to the Eastern Ijo division of the language. Apart form those southwestern states, there are native Yoruba speakers in some north-central states, especially Kogi and Kwara. In Nigeria, the Nilo-Saharan language family is represented by: Saharan languages. Semitic is represented by various dialects of Arabic spoken in the Northeast and Berber by the Tuareg-speaking communities in the extreme Northwest. East Benue–Congo includes Kainji, Plateau (46 languages, notably Gamai language), Jukunoid, Dakoid and Cross River. BuzzNigeria – Famous People, Celebrity Bios, Updates and Trendy News, 100 Sweet, Cute Things To Say To Your Crush to Make Him/Her Smile, 10 Richest Pastors in the World Right Now, 200+ Most Romantic Love Names For Your Loved Ones, 100 Funny Jokes For Adults That Are Nothing But Hilarious, 85 Cute Good Morning Texts for Him /Her to Brighten the Day, 135 Sweet Goodnight Messages for Him or Her, 60 Romantic Words For Him Or Her That Can Absolutely Melt The Heart, Bola Tinubu Biography, Age, Net Worth, Children, Family, Hotel, and Quick Facts, Is Wentworth Miller Gay or Married? The native language of the Fulanis is Fulfulde. Igala is spoken far beyond her political boundaries of the eastern part of Kogi State (Idoma, Nsukka), western Igbo (Lokoja, Etsako, Ebu, Asaba etc Igala dialects include Ebu, Idah, Ankpa, Dekina, Ogugu, and Ibaji. See the maximum amount a savings account can hold in Nigeria. This article is aimed at introducing you to the top 10 most popular languages in Nigeria. A language is mainly spoken by at least 1 million people in Edo State. The Ijaws occupy the oil-rich region of Nigeria. Of these, Chadic languages predominate, with over 700+ languages. Official Language Of Nigeria Generally, English is the most popular language among Nigerians; and that’s because it is Nigeria’s official language. The Hausa call them the Fulani, while the Wolof use Peul and the Mandinka Fula. They, in their own accounts, emerged into their present location from the southeast. This was reversed in an influential 1989 publication and reflected on the 1992 map of languages, where all these were considered Benue–Congo. Meanwhile, the three major local languages in Nigeria are Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa. Other Nigerian Languages include: Isoko, Anaang, Jju, Eggon, Mangas, Bokobaru, Ehueun, Gun-gbe, Ejagham, Ekajuk, Boko, Gbari, Gera, Ibino, Ibilo, Iceve Maci, Idere, Ibuoro,Marticentral, Jorto, Kaan, Kadara, Jukun of Takum, Kaningkon- Nidem, Kanufi, Kanuri Manga, Lemoro, Limbum,Lokaa, Longda,Marghi South, Mashi, Mawa, Ukue, Ulukwumi, Ukwa  and so many others. This is a language spoken by over 3 million in Nigerians, about 500,000 Nigerien, 100,000 Chadians, and 60,000 Cameroonians. It’s really interesting to know how the Igala speaking group of Kogi state boast of a population size of more than two million. (Source: Gordon, Raymond G., Jr. The Edo language is a Volta–Niger language spoken primarily in Edo State. As reported in 2003, Nigerian English and Nigerian Pidgin were spoken as a second language by 60 million people in Nigeria. If so, keep reading to find out. Yoruba, Itsekiri and Igala, Akokoid (eight small languages in Ondo, Edo and Kogi state), Edoid including Edo (sometimes referred to as) Bini in Edo State, Ibibio-Efik, Idomoid (Idoma) and Nupoid (Nupe) and perhaps include the other languages mentioned above. The Kwa languages are represented by the Gun group in the extreme southwest, which is affiliated to the Gbe languages in Benin and Togo. Former Eastern Kwa, i.e. NBTT Press. Is The Worst; Their Days Are Numbered — Oyedepo, [Photo] Nigerian Army Uniform: Types and Their Uses, [Photo] Nigerian Navy Uniforms: Different types & Uses, Meaning of the Arabic Text on The Nigerian Army Logo, Nigerian Government a Disgrace for Killing Unarmed #EndSARS Protesters at Lekki – Odion Ighalo (Video), Who is Dakore Egbuson-Akande? It is, in fact, the first Nigerian language that was reduced to writing. Among these spoken Nigerian languages include Ajawa, Auyokawa, Basa-Gumna, Gamo-Ningi, Holma, Kpati, Kubi, Mawa, and Teshenawa. Many such as Chinua Achebe have dismissed standardization as colonial and conservative attempts to simplify a complex mosaic of languages. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Chigudu, Theophilus Tanko (2017); Indigenous peoples of North clCentral Nigeria Area: an endangered race. Efik is the native language of the Efik people of Nigeria, where it is a national language. The speakers are mainly located in Borno, Yobe and Jigawa States. There are at least five major dialects: Futa Toro, Futa Jallon, and Masina in the west and Central Nigeria. Learn one more language today! It is, however, not really a language. West Benue–Congo would then include Igboid, i.e. These include Mambiloid, Ekoid, Bendi, Beboid, Grassfields and Tivoid languages. They are, according to folklore, believed to be descendants of Oduduwa, the son of Olodumare (God). Culturally, the Hausa people have become closely integrated with the Fulani following the establishment of the Sokoto Caliphate by the Fulani Uthman dan Fodio in the 19th century. But aside from them, there are hundreds more — albeit less popular. Prior to then, they had wandered through southern, south-central and west-central Africa before arriving at the savannah lands of West African Sudan via the River Congo and Cameroon Mountains. The Ijaw language consists of nine closely related Niger-Congo languages, all of which belong to the Ijoid branch of the Niger-Congo tree. People from the Ijaw tribe speak nine closely related Niger–Congo languages, all of which belong to the Ijoid branch of the Niger–Congo tree. Yoruba is the language spoken by a set of people in Western Africa. Here are the 12 most popular languages in Nigeria, Names of God in different Nigerian languages, Buhari Govt. Below is a list of major Niger–Congo branches and their primary locations based on Blench (2019). It falls under a group with Yoruba and Itsekiri languages. The Itsekiri is a branch of the Yoruboid family language of the Benue-Congo branch of Niger-Congo languages. Also, several states within the north-central and northeastern Nigeria make use of Hausa as their secondary language. A complicated system of high and low tones indicates differences in meaning and grammatical relationships. But that’s incorrect. Similar to other members of the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigerian Navy have different uniforms for different occasions. The Tiv language is a branch of Benue–Congo and ultimately of the Niger–Congo phylum. See Also: Interesting Facts About the Hausa People. 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