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For example, I could import random, and set the variable a to be the random choice between an integer, a float and a string. He has also an organizer for PyTexas, a regional Python conference. Instead what we have is a process. With the walrus operator, the programmer could have kept it on one line, but also maintained the same efficiency of two lines. Anything that's valid Python could be put in after the colon here. It's totally valid, although it might be a little confusing to our developers to mix strings and integers here. He played an important role in the Python Packaging Authority at a critical time in our history by serving as a maintainer and adminstrator for the warehouse project during the famously smooth transition to 14. questions ~210k. The PEP also gives us generic types, for things that behave in a generic way. What is a named expression? Who's seen a really ugly list like this before, where a string is getting turned into a list? These are types like Any, which would match the type of anything at all, Union, which is the union of two types, Optional, which is an alias for the union of NoneType and any existing type, Tuple, Callable, etc., which match the corresponding objects in Python. In tech we call that "a single point of failure", and improving that would not only increase financial stability, but would also allow the PSF to direct more funding to more working groups, more events, etc." You might say "why? He will seek ways to diversify the PSF's funding, invest in staff and infrastructure, and steer the PSF to support the needs of the broader Python community. One of the proponents of this PEP looked through some Python code bases and found this example, where instead of writing these two lines... ...the programmer had combined them into a single line like this, in the interest of minimizing their diffs, perhaps. Worked as a Python Developer Advocate for Google, helping Google understand how to have a positive impact in the Python community. But, it still doesn't give us a way to actually evaluate whether that function's being used correctly, it just gives us annotations, and now an attribute that tells us what those annotations were. If I were to run this, it would be a type error: I'm trying to add a string to an integer, and that's a problem. Python Software Foundation The way that decisions are made within the Python language is with a PEP: a Python Enhancement Proposal. Programmers kind of hate change, so minimizing your diffs by at least one line is worth it. You could instantiate a function with these classes, it's just a class which takes arguments. How can we fix it? 3:30 p.m.–5 p.m. That would look something like this. Here, we're calling it three times, but it's going to give us the same result every time. Thursday 3:30 p.m.–5 p.m. in Room 23 PEP 572: The Walrus Operator. Of course. What he did was take his PhD work, and went to PyCon US in 2013, and he introduced something called Mypy. (And sometimes Guido is still approving PEPs himself as well). Right after this happened, a bunch of smart people got to work on the governance problem. And then, what you can do when you have a little static typing is that you can start running your same type checker with your linting. It often takes many forms: How can I produce a dependency graph for Python packages? When we say that Python is a dynamically typed language, what does it mean? You are entitled to your opinion! I hope this all makes us take a step back and realize we could all be a little nicer. Notice: While Javascript is not essential for this website, your interaction with the content will be limited. These areas of responsibility include: As a board member of the PSF, I would focus on adding staff that can improve how the PSF engages, educates and communicates with its community, as well as staff which allow the PSF to increase the number of potentially revenue-generating programs and activities it can pursue, and ensure that these activities are well-managed. It introduces a typing module, it introduces a lot of details about edge cases and specific use cases. This will succeed if I try to run this. Like I said, it doesn't hurt, it's pretty easy to just add some static types, as long as you're in the latest version of Python that supports it. Would be great to not have to do it all at once, especially if you have millions of lines. . This is probably when you're actually going to do it, but keep that in mind when you're evaluating when to start adding static typing. Reading Data From Cloud Storage Via Cloud Functions. This person shared that Guido is stepping down as BDFL, and after quoting the first line of Guido's resignation email, says that he's shocked by the vitriol we throw at the people who run important free and open source software projects. For the last two years, I’ve worked at Google as a Developer Advocate, representing and supporting the Python community at Google. He is a member of the Python Packaging Authority, helping maintain pip, and is an organizer of the PyTexas conference. You can sorta put languages into one of two categories: there are dynamically typed languages, and there are statically typed languages. Some other interesting and well-known PEPs: There's PEP 20, the Zen of Python. Presentations Google Cloud Platform for Pythonistas . It's what you get if you type import this in your Python REPL. When you do isinstance(42, int), it's just doing class matching, and is telling you whether it's a member of that class or not. Someone in the audience inevitably shouts: "PEP 8!". Static typing is basically the opposite of dynamic typing. For example, in this first line, I'm setting foo to be [f(x) for x in bar]. Here, you can see the type for each argument, and the return type, and then you would have annotations that would tell you what the developer was expecting when they wrote that code. As we in the PyPA started to think about adding a governance model, Dustin was the unanimous choice among PyPA committers for "Benevolent Dictator for Right Now", and he continues to push forward a formalization of our governance structure. I’m Dustin (aka @di), a Developer Advocate at Google, focused on supporting the Python community on the Google Cloud Platform. He's here, he's here for us, and he's not actually on a permanent vacation on a beach somewhere, or working on some other programming language. Been one of the most active members of the PyPA and Python WG, contributing significant advances in Python packaging. And after I gave this talk, someone came up to me and said "yeah, actually, we do do this..." And while it works -- it's a valid way to assert on the types for your function -- it's so many extra lines, and what if you forgot an assertion? PEP 572: The Walrus Operator April 04 2019 . Dustin Ingram. His much-lauded and widely-discussed article PyPI As a Service exploring the challenges we would face if we were to turn PyPI into a for-profit service, shows that he is a pragmatic thinker with the far-too-rare skill of being able to clearly articulate his thoughts. people reached. So the variant went away, and Mypy became just the type checker that was included with it, and that is actually what we think of and what we'll see become Mypy today. So the flow of power kind of looks like this: there's Guido, and then there's the delegates beneath him, and they derive their power from Guido, and then all those delegates are approving (or rejecting) PEPs. First, I came up with a draft for the PEP in a format in which all PEPs should be made. I’m also a director of the Python Software Foundation, maintainer of PyPI, organizer for the PyTexas conference and have a master’s degree in Computer Science from Drexel University. Since then, he has taken that enthusiasm to Texas and a new job with Google as a Developer Advocate. This means that an annotated function should behave exactly the same as one that doesn't have any type annotations. I’m Dustin, and I have been a Python community member for more than 14 years. The answer is that Python is dynamically typed, but it can optionally be as statically typed as you want it to be. Then we got PEP 526, which let us do inline variable annotations. Instead, what I'm going to do is call it the "walrus operator" because it kind of looks like a walrus lying on it's side. But I really hope it's not: I hope we can entrust the people that know the most about our language to make good decisions for us, that we aren't so reactionary online, and that we can treat those dictators, those maintainers, those people like they're actually people. You can imagine a graph that looks like this, where as your lines of code go up, your desire to add type annotations goes up, and the ease of doing it goes down. In his research, he couldn't use Python directly, so he created a new language that kinda looked like Python that allowed him to actually do his research about type systems. NoneType is the type of None, but we don't see NoneType as a keyword in Python, we just see it in our stack traces. Use it liberally, use it in these situations: Maybe when you're millions-of-lines scale. I hope not: I'd really like it if we all could learn from this and just treat each other a little better and be more open and receptive to new ideas. To understand that, we need to understand types in Python, and type systems in general. The PEP also defines some container types, which allows us to define types inside container classes like dictionaries and lists. Again, this kind of depends on what you mean. dues-paying) PSF members by increasing recognition of PSF members and benefits for members, adding additional benefits to a PSF sponsorship that go beyond PyCon-focused benefits, identifying how the various services that the PSF offers for free could produce revenue, within the bounds of our non-profit status, Information experience, education, technical writing and documentation, User experience, accessibility and product design, Community management, marketing and communications, Program management and product management. Dustin Ingram has served the Python community with distinction for several years. In the abstract for this talk, he describes Mypy as "an experimental variant of Python that supports writing programs that seamlessly mix static and dynamic typing". Maybe you think, hmm, this is a talk about 'Static Typing in Python', so it's probably statically typed? Dustin Ingram's Talks. Normally, when I see a for loop that looks like this, with an empty list initialized above it like that, that's kind of a code smell, and I say "this should probably be turned into a list comprehension". And in fact, Guido himself said that he had to stop reading the threads so that he wouldn't go insane. And, finally, we can't do things like like the augmented assignment operator, where we can add and reassign in a single operation. So he removed himself entirely from the decision process. Another question: Will this happen again? You can't do this with the walrus operator. You could set y := f(x) inside the list expression, and value of that gets bound to y, and you can reuse that later in that expression, so you can reuse a value that's expensive to compute, and keep it on a single line. But that's fine! Can I use a Presta tube in a Schrader rim? But we don't, because it'd be really messy, but these types are available. This is a text version of a talk I gave at PyCon Taiwan 2019, Philly PUG May 2019, PyCon US 2019, and PyCon Canada 2018. One thing to note is that Guido himself did not approve my PEP directly. As part of this effort, he got direct first-hand experience working with the PSF and Mozilla to administer the MOSS grant used to fund the PyPI migration. Disclaimer, I work at Google, so one of the questions that I often get about type checking is "what is the difference?"

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