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designing woman cast 1957

The fine cinematography was done by Gene Alton, set decorations by Edwin B. Willis and Henry Grace. What else could I really ask for? Gregory Peck and Lauren Bacall are an extremely attractive couple that take on lighter roles than their usual more dramatic roles, and it's quite hilarious. Marilla notices this, and develops the instincts that it was her that was the cause of the Ravioli incident. A sportswriter and a fashion-designer marry after a whirlwind romance, and discover they have little in common. She was very generous to me, and truly went out of her way. An American jazzman and his buddy woo a Russian princess and a fake countess in Paris. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Catch it when you can. In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood, THE THIRD SPENCER TRACY AND KATHARINE HEPBURN BLOGATHON IS HERE, ANNOUNCING ‘THE SECOND AGNES MOOREHEAD BLOGATHON’, ANNOUNCING ‘THE SIXTH ANNUAL BARRYMORE TRILOGY BLOGATHON’, ANNOUNCING ‘THE THIRD SPENCER TRACY AND KATHARINE HEPBURN BLOGATHON’. This…. (uncredited), Ringside Photographer As of the case with “Designing Woman”, Helen Rose was impressed with “Woman Of The Year”, and wanted to adapt it into a fashion extravaganza, so instead she slightly remodelled the plot using her artistic flair by giving it a background dealing with garments. The film also gives you a good glimpse into what fifties fashion was like, and it actually serves as an educational lesson into what they wore back in the era that was known as ‘The Happy Days’. This quickly causes friction. Genere Commedia Vincente Minnelli directed the picture, which stars Gregory Peck, Lauren Bacall and Dolores Gray, and features Sam Levene and Chuck Connors. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Emmys Apologize for Showing Incorrect Andre Previn Photo During In Memoriam Tribute, Review: ‘United We Fan’ Explores TV Worth Saving and the Personalities Behind the Campaigns. Su MYmovies il Dizionario completo dei film di Laura, Luisa e Morando Morandini, Su questo sito utilizziamo cookie tecnici e, previo tuo consenso, cookie di profilazione per proporti pubblicità in linea con le tue preferenze. [5], proclaims the comedy as "shiny, polished, and entertaining" and states that "it has held its value well over the years. she gets to make out with gregory peck AND throw a plate of ravioli onto his lap and who in their right mind wouldn’t want to do both of those things. Very relevant article. TMDb she has a cute dog who loves attacking men which comes in handy every now and again 2.) It’s also in this scene where Mike gives the description of his wife’s presentation to a friend and annunciates ” Have you ever been to a fashion show? You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Marilla Hagen: I’m considering it very seriously. A 'designing woman' is exactly what she is not; nor is the sportswriter she falls in love with in any way naturally conniving. Ending the call, Mike returns to Marilla who explains that she had helped him write his story. (uncredited), Boston Wardrobe Woman Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. (uncredited), Sportswriter at Dinner Mike tries to hide his former relationship, but fails miserably. Making the movie was a dream come true for Helen Rose, the mastermind behind the many different costumes in the film, and as legend has it, Lauren Bacall was one of Helen’s favorite stars to dress. If only the entire script was written just as well as that scene. Designing Woman is a Cinemascope romantic comedy that is technically outstanding but narratively silly. At first she dismisses the idea that Mike may be involved with another woman, but after a series of altercations, the idea arouses in her head, causing pandemonium in their marriage. When a mobster, whom Mike has been accusing of fixing sports events, decides to go after him he must pretend to be out of town and mayhem ensues. | His colloborations with director Vincente Minnelli are always breathtaking. La donna del destino (Designing Woman) - Un film di Vincente Minnelli. She is a clothing designer who lives in a swanky apartment and whose friends are actors, artists and the like. IMDb Only on the flight back to New York does Mike begin to discover that Marilla had hidden the details of her job, wealth and family connections in order to land Mike. Being an ardent supporter of Lauren Bacall, I have always been jealous about them having this opportunity, but sadly I was born in 1987, eight years after the occasion. Died: June 12th, 2003 in Los Angeles, California. 1957, She said that Grace Kelly considered the part to have been written for her, and would never forgive Bacall, adding "She got the prince, I got the part".[2]. Marilla Brown Hagen Dolores Gray. It was a joint production of Bloodworth/Thomason Mozark Productions in association with Columbia Pictures Television for CBS.. Find movie and film cast and crew information for Designing Woman (1957) - Vincente Minnelli on AllMovie Attenzione. ( Log Out /  Of course, when Bacall discovers his old girl friend was Gray and that Peck has been lying about where he is, she assumes he has been cheating on her. Nothing spectacular. 28 of 34 people found this review helpful. After a whirlwind romance they instantly get married, and endure a brief honeymoon before returning to the East Coast. Another one of my favorite gowns is the taffeta full skirt and V-neckline chiffon top accompanied with sparkling jewellery, that Lauren wears when she visits Lori’s dressing room towards the end of the movie. L'amore tra i due non basta a superare i conflitti di mentalità. When it was announced that a proposed film titled “Designing Woman” was in the works, and Gregory Peck was to play Grace Kelly’s love interest, but because Grace Kelly was away in Europe preparing for her marriage and becoming Princess Grace of Monaco, Lauren seen this as the perfect opportunity for her to work alongside her close friend Gregory Peck. Film 1957 Designing Woman is a Cinemascope romantic comedy that is technically outstanding but ... Having a strong cast always helps. For that, I will always be in debt to Lauren Bacall, and I will cherish those autographs for as long as I live. I instantly opened the envelope to see a plethora of signed and personalized photographs from her. Change ). An extra half star because it made me laugh so many times. Directed by Vincente Minnelli. She immediately called Dore Schary, who was producing the picture, and heavily campaigned for the role, even going as far as cutting her salary in half. Seeing Lauren was an opportunity in a lifetime and we are both glad that we were present that day. The climax is so ridiculous that I was laughing not from the film's comedic merit, but because I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Maxie Stultz Jesse White. Chic, styled, flattering, but basically simple.”. My daughter Linda and I were lucky enough to see Lauren being interviewed live on the “Mike Walsh Show” back in 1979. gregory peck and lauren bacall very very sexy but my brain is very very tired from how long this movie is and how drawn out the plot is <3. From the start the day appeared to be propitious, and that proved to be correct when on their arrival, Mum was able to push in front of the assembled crowd and obtain front row seats for her and Grandma. Full Cast & Crew: Designing Woman (1957) Cast (139) Gregory Peck. Nice little movie. Designing Woman is a 1957 American Metrocolor romantic comedy film, in CinemaScope, about two young, whirlwind-romanced newlywed professionals and their misadventures in adjusting to each other's lifestyles. Rival reporters Sam and Tess fall in love and get married, only to find their relationship strained when Sam comes to resent Tess' hectic lifestyle. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. The gangsters after Peck is played by Ed Platt and Chuck Connors, while Peck's helpful editor is Sam Levene. Abandoning his smaller bachelor digs for her luxurious apartment, they discover that their lifestyles, acquaintances and pursuits hardly match. 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