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Kuwait • Fish from fish farms are always priced higher than freshly caught fishes. Perth • Santiago • Arizona • Houston • Our training covers HATCHING, BREEDING TO MLAUNCH, GROWOUT, FEED FORMULATION, WATER MANAGEMENT, STOCKING DENSITY, MARKETING AND SALES, and MOST IMPORTANTLY THE PROFITABILITY ANALYSIS (THIS ENTAILS THE INPUT THAT DETERMINES YOUR OUTPUT). Mine is 08156999971. We supply Nationwide to your farm or doorstep at an affordable price of NGN 2,500 per 15kg bag including transportation. Attach yourself to a Catfish farm and work (for free if they’re not willing to pay). Call: 08038954946. Does Nigeria observe Daylight Saving Time? Solomon Islands • Hong Kong • Six out of every ten Nigerians do eat catfish on weekly basis. Other conversions: Lagos Time to CST. South Africa • Does Central Africa observe Daylight Saving Time? Auckland • AEDT • ACDT • ACST • Nice 1. Morocco • If doesn’t, you can always give it another shot because nobody can take away the knowledge of the business in your head. For Alternative B: Net Profit = 648,000 – 530,000 = 118,000. ), What is Catfish farming’s ROI (Return on Investment.). Mexico City • Panama • Irkutsk • China • Africa. Algiers • However, one thing i can authoritatively say is that people should be encouraged to go into catfish farming as it will surely make you a millionaire(if everything is done in the proper manner). If any interest, please feel free to contact fishfeedpelletmachine@gmail.com, can you give me a good person to fabricate the fish pond. Where is your Location. From bayelsa, I have a pool already… All I needed is availability of d feeds and capital is not my problem…. To place order Contact_ 0810395#### ADDRESS: Plot 15, Block XII, Industrial Estate, Off Idiroko Road , Ota , Ogun. The best way for anyone investing is to produce the fingerlings by yourself and then sort out the shooters amongst them for breeding. Thanks, Thank you very much But please can you explain it better Pond making, Thank you so much sir, I want to know more Abraham07037394789, Good day, please I need someone to help me with a farm for the production of catfish. Sri Lanka • God bless you. However, if you have some extra cash to spare, especially since you’re the bigger your space, the more fishes you can rear; which also means the more returns you’re looking at, then you use half a plot of land or even a full plot. The input has increased geometrically while price of fish has only increased arithmetically. I need a trainer.. my number..09053545283..all service rendered will be paid for, TRAINING ON CATFISH BUSINESS Catfish business is a very lucrative business, but so many farmers are incurring losses because they lack the know-how. it will be . Fish Ponds: You can get a space or a land for yourself but construction of fish ponds, not very likely. Cape Town • Chile • The number one money consuming factor is the fish feeds, as you can see from the feasibility study. The ingredients required to manufacture high quality feed are readily available here in Nigeria hence my Catfish feed has a high quality energy source required for growth and maintenance of body tissue resulting in improved weight gains because it is fortified with balanced vitamins, minerals and amino acids plus Stabilized Vitamin C required for better metabolism, skeletal formation, nerves, body fluid regulation and enzymes to yield maximum productivity.

Potato Benefits, Boundaries: Where You End And I Begin Pdf, Google Career Paths, How Tall Is Mark Gibbon, Poovellam Kettuppar Starmusiq,