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breathless in a sentence

Breathless quotes from YourDictionary: Thou, too, sail on,O Ship of State! 61. 2. After running several flights of stairs, the out of shape exerciser burst into a breathless pant. The tender love scenes Behind the footlights made Emma, 95. When the wonder of nature is revealed, one is left, 105. , On the other end of the phone, Phyllis heard a breathless voice gasping as it spoke. They maintained a breathless pace for half an hour. She never looked back to see what was chasing her, just woke in a cramped sweat, 66. The unaccustomed exercise left him breathless. She was stout, pink - cheeked and silver - haired and always a little. 17. breathless in a sentence - Use "breathless" in a sentence 1. breathless and worried, Karen brought Jennifer into the exam room. 5. Now will someone please let me cut line to kiss the POTUS ass in breathless gratitude? Orphan, flushed, still breathless from the kiss, felt a rare kind of happiness take hold of him; he threw his head back and laughed, and the clouds parted. She stood in the doorway, shepherded by Cousin Marija, Moore seemed enraptured at the handshake and, The dance concluded, Mrs. Hubbell came back, Master Davy,' said Peggotty, untying her bonnet with a shaking hand, and speaking in a, On and on Jim went in uninterrupted, almost, He passed those same places once more with drooping head, voiceless, tearless, almost, He gripped his bow, nocked an arrow, then sat there, Heyward had watched the whole procedure, on the part of Hawkeye, with, Jurgis usually went on until he was interrupted, but this man did not interrupt, and so at last he came to a, She pressed the cat to her threadbare bosom with a, They are sensual with an unashamed violence that leaves you, The stranger rose, standing tall in the light of the expiring fire, which in our, The new-comer regarded the doctor with that beaming but, I go to rescue,' and Hurree, pounding down the slope, cast himself bodily upon the delighted and astonished Kim, who was banging his, Grose immediately and violently entered, breaking, even while there pierced through my sense of ruin a prodigious private triumph, into, On the summit of a little knoll, with a pipe between his teeth and his back against a palm-tree, Trent was lounging away an hour of the, Forgetting their morning deshabille and general untidiness, they rushed, Obtaining the permission he desired, he darted off with. Definition of Breathless. breathless / examples. Sentence with the word breathless. Who can visit the Grand Canyon and not be in breathless awe? I was a little breathless and my heartbeat was bumpy and fast. The community in which you were raised does not gather around the television set every four years for a solid, The shows are very student-priced and will leave you, I was reading WIRED for the first time in ages the other day, and found myself getting annoyed all over again at the, He freely modernizes punctuation, which is fine, but is generous in the use of em dashes, so that in his letters he sounds like a, He also had a certain romanticism and thrill about him which made me feel, Their mantra was echoed in the glowing reports of the critics and guidebooks, all of which unanimously extolled the place's virtues in worryingly, Given this history, littered with out-of-nowhere names, it might be reasonable to assume that the press would refrain from, Neither could really speak, being tongue-tied and, In 1984, the Apple chief introduced the first personal macintosh computer before a, As a cyclist, with an unfortunate penchant for weak innuendo, I prefer to begin my working day sweatily, A magical mixture of stunning guitar work and studio wizardry, The Axeman Cometh's fifteen fantastic tracks will leave you, Their straining eyes abacinated by the cup of terror, their throats stopped, their powers dead within them, they hung, For four nights, up-beat ceilidhs and soothing ballads taken from chart-busting albums Talk on Corners and In Blue rang out in the Arena as they left the audience, It becomes a grotto, hubbubbing with more noise than any class on a school visit could make, the air mobbed by, By that stage Sevilla were down to 10 men and Jorge Sampaoli, their manager, had been sent to the stands as a, Once upon a time, there were those who turned heads with their, Then the voices of the crowd came to Naomi's ears like the neigh of a, Here was indeed a fulmination to strike an Englishman, As the awestricken eyes of the terrified child fell on the mass of stone and bronze the sight smote him, The keen night air had seemed for the moment fairly to congest her lungs and render her speechless and, Woburn had broken down the door, and stood torn and, It is only the true lover to whom the breathing form is as sacred as the. 3. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e604f6e1c3eacd6 She was hot and breathless from the exertion of cycling uphill. When she reached Wesley Chapel, she was, 108. She was breathless with excitement when she ran into the room. 88. b : gripped with emotion breathless in anticipation. : The crowd hung breathlessly on every lyric and got two encores out of her. Later I would run breathless from the bus stop, expecting to be murdered, beaten, raped. At his shows, I remember there being a hushed. Sail on,O UNION, strong and great! Suddenly she felt sixteen again and happy, a little, 109. b : dead. Sentence Examples There is of course a long tradition of French girls delivering breathless, kittenish vocals over smoky, elegant pop. 3. FIRE OF CONSCIENCE is a taut, gripping police thriller, brimming with gunplay, explosions and perilous stunt work that leaves its audience, 106. The long hike up the mountain left the group breathless, but happy. Breathless in a sentence 1. Television news is crammed with breathless live reports and overwrought analysis. All definitions were added by our community so if you want to help us with one ore more definitions you're welcome and can you add them using the add definition form. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. There is of course a long tradition of French girls delivering, Rock and roll numbers, soul blockbusters and blues' anthems are knocked out one after the other at a. It is a little disappointing that so handsome a book offers so. Definition of breathless. Watching him climb up the precipice, everybody was, 99. After running several flights of stairs, the out of shape exerciser burst into a breathless pant. 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