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best places to work in abuja

People are generally open-minded and friendly. Dangote has and is still clamping down on the menace of unemployment in Nigeria, as he pays over 30,000 employees monthly. This company is involved in auditing, tax, consultancy, and advisory services. London is the best city in the world - you just can't do it on a budget. It is a genuine melting pot with a huge range of nationalities and cultures living together (the US has a large number of nationalities but there seems to be hard segregations between them geographically, economically, culturally - so they, Having spent a total of two weeks in London on two separate occasions and having lived in NYC for two years, both are among my favorite cities in the world. WHY? LARGEST COMPANIES. You can even secure deals with companies to become their official computer engineer so that whenever there is a need for computer repair or maintenance, they call you to handle it. The reputation of the company as a brand and as a public limited company is strong in Nigeria and Africa. 5. You can spice your own dry cleaning service a little bit by offering home/office pick-up and delivery services to your clients. This makes the city a very viable place where almost any business can grow and thrive. Your ability to socialize and communicate easily with people. 10. We also send a log in link to your Slack via DM. Founded in 2014 with a vision to raise a technology dream team that will occupy the IT workforce and prove to the rest of the World that Africa is really rising up in emerging technological trends. Andela focuses on software and web development. Are you interested in starting a business in Abuja? Your clients will be students or young pupils who want to get better at certain subjects in school. UBA is one of Nigeria’s foremost banks and indeed a key player in Africa’s banking sector. Cookies help us provide, protect & improve our services. Enjoyed every single second of the days spent there. Conclusively, you can start your own restaurant or bar where people can hang out and have fun after a hard day’s job. This subject of the best companies to work for in Nigeria is often searched by job hunters, which is why the article intends to bring to light some of the best job places in Nigeria to you. He founded the group in 1981 as a trading venture, today, it has grown to become West Africa’s largest conglomerate, with interests in Sugar, flour, cement, salt, steel, oil and gas. The standard at KPMG is on a class by itself, better be armed like a global professional warrior if you need a job here. The KPMG is an acronym for Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler. Buy memberships as a perk for your entire team. Log in. © 2020 All rights reserved. Where is the best place to work in Abuja? Caveat: These list might not be what you expect, don’t worry, unpredictability is the new meat of life. Interior decoration is also one of the trending businesses in Abuja. Questions? First, please go to your email and click the confirm link first to verify your email address (check your spam folder if you can't find it). Founded in 1818 by Grace, Darbyshire and Todd. For a company that’s been around before the civil war, unless you choose to mess things up yourself, your job is secured and the pay is cool. … Founded in 1949 and has a Nigerian Tony Elumelu as it’s chairman. Their Sunday brunch (Lebanese and Chinese) is arguably the best Abuja has to offer. How to Dissolve an LLC in Kentucky in 4 Steps, Skydiving Company Organizational Structure & Job Description. Abuja lies in the very heart of Nigeria, within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).Centrally located, it was a planned city, strategically placed to unify an impressively diverse population. If you are tech-savvy and very good with computers, you can set up a computer repairs and installation businesses. Today it's 25°C with okay air quality (63 µg/m3). I lived for 2.5 months in Kumbo, hours outside of Doula, in summer (their winter) 2009, doing feminist humanitarian aid work. As an expat in Geneva since 5years now, I'll recommend Lausanne or Zurich before Geneva. By signing up, you agree to our TOS and privacy policy. The company is akin to KPMG in terms of its founding history (1854, 1849 and 1998) and they are both among the world’s top four auditors. If the robot can't detect a face, please try a different photo. Security installations & Services. Building Material Sales & Supplies-: With the level of real estate development going on in Abuja, selling building materials is also a very good business. Infrastructure Network Engineer and IT Operations at Human Edge Limited, Tuesday 19, June 2018, How to Check Data Balance for MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9mobile, The Easiest Ways to Relocate to Canada from Nigeria (2020), Fast Ways on How to Get Scholarships in Canada, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) 2020/2021, How To Write An Application Letter For Job Vacancy, Top 10 Richest Pastors In The World (2020), Top 9 Youngest Presidents in The World (2020), Top 10 Highest Currencies in Africa (2020), Top 10 Companies to Work for in Nigeria (2020), Top 9 Most Expensive Houses in the World (2020), Top 10 Richest Men in the World and Their Net Worth (2020). 2. Working with them could really inflate ones ego and deform the entry level employee’s shoulder. Best Dining in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory: See 4,681 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 246 Abuja restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. The first Telecom industry in the list and the most prodigious telecom industry in Nigeria and Africa. If I could go back in time, I never would have gone as I developed chronic fatigue syndrome for 4.5 years starting during this trip, due to overvaccinating (several tropical diseases injected into me in a short time), the Malarone effects, poor diet, stress, etc. Get unlimited members-only access to 1,352+ cities, Ask questions and learn from thousands of others. Already a member? Security is one of the threats that residents of Abuja face. As a private tutor, you can work either part-time or full-time. 4. A lot of parents pay private tutors to come to their homes to teach their children after school and keep them busy while they are at work. Thanks for the message! Cancel anytime. PWC is one of the world’s leading professional services firm. A lot of people are going into business these days and every business person knows the importance of writing a business plan before starting any business. Dry cleaning services are one of the trending businesses in Nigeria right now. I find Parisians are actually very patient and warm if you at least attempt to speak French; in my experience, most people who complain that they're rude are the ones making zero effort to speak the language. It is called, “City of Gold” and if you want to know LA, just watch this film. Politics (Adverts, Campaign Manager & Image Consultant). It was founded in 1917 as a colonial bank but was acquired by Barclays bank before it adopted the name Union Bank. Car Hire Services -: You can start a car hire service to cater for people who visit Abuja for business and would prefer to have a car to themselves instead of taking a cab or public transport. Please set a real profile photo of just your face. Rent in Abuja is very expensive compared to most cities in Nigeria and within a few years, you will be able to re-coup your investment and make profit. Founded in 1989, it is the member of the Access Bank Group with subsidiaries in eight African countries and the United Kingdom. The reason is because hotels, residential buildings, offices and restaurants in Abuja hire interior decorators to design their buildings for them and make it look classy. Commercial and residential cleaning is also a smart business idea if you are searching for a business with low start-up costs. The Dangote Group of Companies is the  first company founded by a Nigerian on the list. Their reputation for excellence is solid, and has been ranked as the world most prestigious accounting firm severally. Meanw. Top largest employers in Massachusetts in 2019. 17. Crèche / Daycare -: You can also start a crèche or child daycare center where parents can keep their children while they are at work. If it still doesn't work, tweet @nomadlist. Foreign Language Teacher -: There are many expatriates in Abuja that wouldn’t mind paying you to teach them some of the Nigerian languages to enhance better communication. Car theft is very common in Nigeria and the capital city is not left out of this ugly trend. 3. Apart from the fact that it is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, it is one of the safest and most conducive cities for business. 9. ‍ You can already start using most of the Nomad List member-only features now, If you have any feedback, please write it in the Feedback box in the bottom right of every page. It’s always a happy day for anyone who gets an appointment letter from the giants of telecom in Africa. These 24 organizations with 1,000 or more employees made the Globe’s list of top workplaces. Here are a few ideas for you: With the growing population of Abuja, you cannot go wrong with real estate investment. TOP PLACES TO WORK 2019. 14. Depending on how much capital you have to spare, you can also obtain a franchise of one of the foreign fast food chains. Guinness was founded in 1950, United Kingdom, but came into Nigeria in 1962, establishing it’s brewery in Ikeja, Lagos. Smart investors have found a way to spice things up and create a sports lounge where people can come and watch football matches and relax with their friends at the same time. Cancel anytime, Save 78% vs monthly. Professional exams/degree u have after graduation in the Uni. 11. Reviews with URLs or emails are removed. 15. Do not give men at the airport mo. MTN has an employee populace of over 17,510 as of 2010 according to Wikipedia. You can help politicians organize campaigns and rallies or even act as an image consultant to help boost the profile of political candidates. It’s true that you stare at that affluent neighbor of yours with sheer jealousy every morning when he leaves the street with his exotic car because he works with UBA. Expensive though and not very easy to meet other nomads. You can start a business plan writing business for investors who want to borrow from the bank or other financial institutions. See the FAQ. With the election period just around the corner, this is just the right business to start. The company has a long history of mergers and founders after the first three. Abuja is the capital of Nigeria and houses most of the Federal government ministries and parastatals, embassies of various countries, multinational companies, and banks as well as other big and small businesses. Was founded in 1994, headquartered in South Africa and has it’s presence in over 20 African nations. I stopped by Doula for a one night stay both when I arrived and when I left. One of Africa’s prime e-business solution outfit with a focus on offering e-business therapies to companies around Nigeria and some African states. Abuja costs $1,994 per month to live and work remotely with 5 mbps internet speed, is a okay place for digital nomads to live. Not getting any log in emails? The challenge is that most people have no clue on the kind of businesses that they should do in Abuja. What Happens to LLC Business If You Personally File Bankrupcty? Why isn't Nomad List free? Trailer link: The yardstick and methodology employed in the study is an all encompassing one including job security, happiness at work place, career growth opportunities, incentives and other relevant parameters associated with the work environment. We don't allow group photos, drawings, avatars, objects, sunglasses, shirtless pics, nudity, black and white, color filtered pics or pics that aren't you: only human profile pics. When it comes to the best places to live in Abuja the list will never be complete without at … Not just a Nigerian, but the richest black man in the world.

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